Fans Are Debating Which Pokemon They Could Realistically Own

Pokemon fans are debating which Pokemon they think they could realistically own without too much issue.

Everyone who's played or watched Pokemon has imagined at one point or another which of the pocket monsters they'd have as their number one pick. Whether it's the incredibly popular picks like Pikachu, Bidoof, and Eevee, or the powerful Pokemon like Mewtwo, Charizard, or Gyarados, we've all imagined having some pretty out-there Pokemon as our companion.

This debate isn't about that though – rather than trying to choose their favourites, the Pokemon subreddit is debating which of the 898 Pokemon they think they could realistically own and look after in the real world. The thread was started by Redditor marshmallow_figs, who quickly mentioned some factors to consider including height, weight, whether they're hazardous, legal status, social acceptability, and diet.

With that in mind, the Pokemon subreddit started discussing the most realistic picks for Pokemon. Plant-based Pokemon were a popular choice, with Redditor froststomper noting, "I have a lot of indoor plants and two rabbits that I care for successfully, so I think something like Oddish, Hoppip, Paras, Nidoran, Sunkern, Pineco, Chikorita or Smolive could be raised successfully in my apartment."

Redditor ROYalty7 had a far stranger choice, but one that makes sense when you think about it – Cubone. They argue that "giving it love and support both checks off the social aspect of raising one as well as the training" and that the only real hazard is the skull and bone, which isn't a big risk compared to other Pokemon.

Another popular choice was Jigglypuff, with Redditor QHDEosanesis noting that it was "small, very cute, and friendly", but that it "requires some brushing". As a bonus, you could probably make a decent bit of money selling Jigglypuff's singing as a sleep therapy CD.

Unfortunately, the whole debate was pointless because the right answer was staring you in the face this whole time – Persian. That thing is literally just a big house cat and doesn't even have the massive gold coin stuck to its head that would make cuddling a Meowth painful.

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