Fan Short Silent Hill: Road Of Guilt Expected To Release For 20th Anniversary Of Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill hype train is riding full steam ahead this year, as fans anticipate a new addition to the franchise. Silent Hill 2 also has an anniversary coming in September during which a group of fans and filmmakers are planning to release a short.

Co-directors Leigh Thorne and Ruben Abreu contacted Bloody Disgusting to confirm that the filming of their fan short, Silent Hill: Road to Guilt, had wrapped. The team has been filming for the last seven months and they’re planning to debut the feature in September – in time for Silent Hill 2’s 20th anniversary. The film is scheduled to premiere on Dax79’s YouTube channel, accompanied by the co-directors who will host a Q&A session afterwards. No exact release date has been announced, but September is the window.

Road of Guilt will follow James Sunderland – played by Matt Perkins – who delves into vaulted therapy sessions between himself and Dr. Finch. In light of confronting the past, Sunderland investigates a particular location serving as a portal into another world. The rift is a potential gateway into the misty setting of Silent Hill, where Sunderland is prepared to tackle some “unfinished business.” The feature will also be accompanied by an original soundtrack from the metal band Never Again, which is available to stream here ahead of the feature’s release.

Thorne and the team have stated that this short is designed as a “special gift” to fans of the Silent Hill franchise, who are eagerly awaiting a revival. In addition to fueling the rumor mill that Konami has something in the works, the Road of Guilt team has been busy perfecting their short. It is also hopeful that the final product will be worthy of accolades from future Fan Film Festivals.

The biggest tidbit we’ve received – regarding a new Silent Hill game is Bloober Team’s reveal that it is working on an existing horror IP from a “very famous gaming publisher.” The Medium and Observer developer could be the perfect team of like-minded professionals to continue the Silent Hill franchise, based on its previous success with horror games. Time will tell if there is any truth to this rumor, but we may have to wait until September for the veil to lift.

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