Fallout: New Vegas Mod Lets You Actually Be A Courier

In Fallout: New Vegas, you can name your character whatever you want. But much like previous games, you have a title no matter what: the Courier. This is a reference to the only piece of information we're given about our character before we take control of their life – they were a courier, and we were attacked while delivering the most important package of our life. But after that, we're not much of a courier at all.

Now, thanks to a new mod, we can actually live up to our name. Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you repeating courier duties to complete. These missions will be given to you in Primm, where the Mojave Express headquarters is based. The jobs come with a whole bunch of new missions to face, and are also a great new way to make money that doesn't involve gambling your hard-earned caps.

"I remember in the E3 showcase video for this game they mentioned you could actually deliver packages and do your job", says mod creator CarlZee "Obviously, that didn't happen, so I took it upon myself to implement this feature into the game."

The mod can send you to a range of 20 different locations. Each job also has a different time limit, and no, you can't just fast travel there. For immersion's sake, you'll have to either make the journey by foot or rent a caravan. Along the way, you'll have to fend off mercenaries after your goods, and fork out for NCR tolls along busy roads. Oh, and if you mess up the job, you might not get any more gigs.

However, if you're in the market for something a little less grounded, then the New Vegas modding community definitely has you covered. As we reported yesterday, a new mod that's generated some buzz revolves around nuking NCR soldiers. With the mod downloaded, any NCR soldier who says that line about how they're "wishing for a nuclear winter" will make their dreams come true, and wipe them out along with anything around them. Be careful what you wish for in Mojave, I guess.

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