Fallout: New Vegas Mod Adds Museum Dedicated To All Your Trophies And Triumphs

There's a lot to do in Fallout: New Vegas, whether you're vault hunting like an intrepid Pandora scavenger, finding remnant bobbleheads and gruesome experiments, or ruling the Strip as you barter with the Legion and the NCR. But there's no way to celebrate your journey and triumphs.

The Courier's Museum, a new mod from Random411, seeks to change that – think of it like Animal Crossings' museum but with exhibits dedicated to your quest choices, pedestals and display cabinets for unique rewards, and trophy trackers for the achievement hunters out there. It even comes fitted with two new dungeons, purchasable upgrades, and milestone rewards, giving you an incentive to finish the museum.

To play, you'll need all five main DLCs as the museum includes rewards for each, but nothing else. Once 2.0 releases, you will need to download NVSE and JIP LN NVSE, two other mods, but these are not currently required. Booting up the game with the mod installed, you can either jump in mid-game, although this might jeopardize some rewards, or you can start fresh and receive a quest taking you to the museum at level two.

On the mod page, you can see some exhibits (in the form of sculptures and dedicated scenes), a progress indicator for how many displays, items, and trophies you've unlocked as well as one of the new dungeons, The Glowing Sewers.

The mod is inspired by Skyrim's Legacy of the Dragonborn, a similar mod that seeks to celebrate your journey, the choices you've made, and the many rewards you've nabbed. Instead of tossing away that now-useless artefact you found earlier in the game, you can put it on display to show off how far you've come and to remember the time you went knee-deep in a quarry full of deathclaws.

There are even new unique items to find for the museum. You might have started out as a courier, but now you can be a curator of an empty and desolate museum that nobody but you will ever visit. Well, aside from any companions you force along.

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