Fallout 4: The Best Grenades, Ranked

Fallout 4 has an entire arsenal of weapons for you to wield, and explosives usually get the least attention since they're more of a side weapon type. However, there are many grenades you can choose from in the Commonwealth, and some of them are even more fun to use than guns and melee weapons.

Although explosions may come to mind when you think of a grenade, there are also grenades that summon allies to help fight against your enemies. If you want to learn about the strongest grenades in Fallout 4, then look no further because they're all below, including how to get them.

10 Vertibird Signal Grenade

Vertibird Signal Grenades don't deal damage. Instead, they call a vertibird to your area to carry you from location to location. They're essentially a form of fast travel, and although technically slower, you'll get to experience the ride of a lifetime up above the Commonwealth.

Although Vertibird Signal Grenades aren't too useful on most difficulties, Survival Mode restricts your ability to fast travel. As such, Vertibird Signal Grenades are one of the only forms of fast travel you can access in Survival Mode, making them very useful. The Brotherhood Of Steel will give you Vertibird Signal Grenades after joining their faction once the Prydwen arrives in the Commonwealth.

9 Pulse Grenade

Pulse Grenades are similar in power to Fragmentation Grenades at 150 base damage, but they deal energy damage instead of ballistic damage. Although Pulse Grenades aren't the strongest explosive in Fallout 4, they're still quite powerful, especially if you use them against enemies that are weak to energy damage.

You can purchase Pulse Grenades from weapon merchants. However, it's important to note that Pulse Grenades do have a downside, which is that they don't deal any damage at all to enemies wearing Power Armor or robots, including Synths.

8 Artillery Smoke Grenade

Artillery Smoke Grenades are very powerful in the right situation. These explosives call upon a Minutemen artillery strike, which can defeat many enemies if they're next to each other. You'll need to join up with the Minutemen and restore The Castle before you can access Artillery Smoke Grenades, but it's worth it for their extreme power.

Calling upon an artillery strike whenever you wish is the next best thing compared to having a full military arsenal. However, you'll need to be near a Minutemen settlement with artillery equipment that a settler is currently using for these grenades to work.

7 Synth Relay Grenade

After completing the "Airship Down" quest for the Institute, you'll gain access to Institute Beacons to use during your time of need. These grenades will spawn a portal that teleports Synths to you to fight by your side. If you want more followers, then the Institute Beacon is a good option, even though they aren't technically companions.

Out of all of the faction-exclusive grenades, the Institute Beacons are the best in Fallout 4, and it's worth carrying a few of them at times if you like using grenades. Additionally, who doesn't want to have a small army of first-generation Synths at their disposal.

6 Fragmentation Grenade

The Fragmentation Grenade is the most common grenade in Fallout 4. It deals 150 damage by default, and it creates a ballistic explosion in the small area it's thrown toward. Although the Fragmentation Grenade is basic on the surface, it's actually one of the best grenades in Fallout 4 due to how easy it is to get.

You can find Fragmentation Grenades by searching enemy bodies, in addition to merchants throughout the Commonwealth selling them regular. Overall, the Fragmentation Grenade is a powerful explosive that's incredibly common.

5 Cryogenic Grenade

There may be a few stronger options than the Cryogenic Grenade in terms of pure strength, but this explosive is arguably the most fun to use in the entirety of Fallout 4 since it freezes enemies where they stand. You can freeze a group of enemies using a single Cryogenic Grenade, and they deal 101 base damage.

Other than buying Cryogenic Grenades, you can find three for free on a table inside the Institute Public Works tunnel. Cryogenic Grenades are rare and expensive, so you may not be capable of using them in every battle, but in the right situation, they can freeze multiple enemies and save your life.

4 HalluciGen Gas Grenade

HalluciGen Gas Grenades are one of the strangest explosives in Fallout 4 because they cause all characters in the area to enter combat with each other. It doesn't matter if the nearby characters are allies or enemies, they'll still start fighting each other if they're caught in the smoke that the HalluciGen Gas Grenade creates.

HalluciGen Gas Grenades don't deal any damage by default, but their effect is a more than a worthwhile trade-off. To get HalluciGen Gas Grenades, you need to travel to HalluciGen Inc and pick up HalluciGen Gas Canisters, then take them to a Chemistry Station, and you can craft these weapons with one Spring, three Adhesive, and two Aluminum.

3 Plasma Grenade

The Plasma Grenade deals 150 base ballistic damage and 150 base energy damage, making it one of the strongest grenades in Fallout 4. With 300 base damage in total, the Plasma Grenade is worth using regardless of your character build.

You can purchase Plasma Grenades from merchants throughout Fallout 4's Commonwealth, but weapon vendors are where you should search primarily. Plasma Grenades aren't as common as Fragmentation Grenades, so you likely won't have a giant collection of them laying around at all times. Regardless, they're still worth your consideration due to their overwhelming strength.

2 Fragmentation Grenade MIRV

The Fragmentation Grenade MIRV is a unique variant of the Fragmentation Grenade in the Nuka-World DLC. There are three that you can find throughout Nuka-World, each of which is inside a raider base. The Pack, The Disciples, and The Operators each have a leader, and every leader carries one of the grenades.

You can kill or pickpocket Mason, Nisha, and Mags inside their bases to obtain the Fragmentation Grenade MIRV. This grenade splits off into multiple grenades upon being thrown, making it much stronger than a standard Fragmentation Grenade, but the trade-off is that it's rare and limited in supply.

1 Nuka Quantum Grenade

Nuka Quantum is one of the strongest healing items in Fallout 4, so it's no surprise to learn that they also make for the best grenade. At such a high base damage, Nuka Quantum Grenades are worth collecting if you have the Nuka-World DLC. Nuka Quantum Grenades deal 300 base damage.

In addition to having an incredibly high base damage, Nuka Quantum Grenades are also blue when they explode, creating a beautiful effect you can't find anywhere else. If you can't decide which grenade to use, but have the Nuka-World DLC installed, then the Nuka Quantum Grenades are a fantastic choice. You can find Nuka Quantum Grenades inside the bottom level of the World Of Refreshment in the Nuka-World theme park.

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