Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat Vengeful Revenant Rematch

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Fallen Legion Revenants rolls out a familiar face with the return of Vengeful Revenants. Vengeful Revenant was one of the harder bosses earlier in the game, and whilst she has seen changes and tweaks in her new, powered-up form, she hasn’t quite scaled in the same way as, say, Drakina. That being said, she is still quite the pain.

Vengeful Revenant, and her motives, are still rather unclear. Some visual things indicate what – or who – she may be, but it’s still not set in stone. All we know is that she’s dead, angry, and pouring over Ivor’s magical tomes to gain enough power to enact some kind of vengeance. You just so happen to be in her way – again.

Vengeful Revenants Attacks

Like with Drakina, we won’t be covering all of Vengeful Revenant's attacks as many of her attacks are the same as they were before. We will, however, be looking into what has changed, and how to deal with those changes.

Attack Explanation Counter
Phantom X Vengeful Revenant summons an exploding orb(s) above the battlefield that explodes after a very brief delay. These Orbs are always elemental (Shock/Burn/Chill) and will leave a corresponding elemental tile after triggering. This is far more dangerous than it was in the last fight – and it was already fairly dangerous. Because this attack targets Rowena and not her Exemplars, this attack cannot be blocked. You need to move Rowena to a tile that is not covered by an Orb. Using tile-based spells to clear the elemental tile is also advised.
Broken Memory Broken Memory is mostly the same as before. Vengeful Revenant will summon it in, and it will begin to cast various spells to make the fight more difficult. Notably, Broken Memory will buff Vengeful Revenant with defensive buffs. As before, you should aim to kill Broken Memory quickly as its presence makes this fight harder. The trick is that Vengeful Revenant will often be in front of Broken Memory this time around, forcing you to use Aim attacks if you want to assassinate Broken Memory.

Vengeful Revenants Mechanics

Vengeful Revenant operates in the same way she did last time. She targets Rowena almost exclusively, Broken Memory will launch powerful magical attacks and provide buffs etc. The trick to beating her is the same, however. If you kill Broken Memory, then Vengeful Revenants instantly Breaks, which leaves her exposed to a Rushdown attack.

Alternatively, you can Stagger Vengeful Revenant, and this will instantly kill Broken Memory. Both work well, and this option may be easier this time around since Vengeful Revenant spends most of the fight protecting Broken Memory.

Which Exemplars To Bring

Vengeful Spirit is still weak to fire, so any fire-based Exemplar is a great choice. Aleister and Darandelle are both great for this. We also liked bringing Jacquine as she is typically a BP-shredding powerhouse. Kraken Scourge in particular is excellent as it can be aimed, it deals high BP damage, and it can be used to deal with either Vengeful Revenant or Broken Memory, giving her plenty of utility.

Battle Strategy

This fight is more awkward than it is difficult. The constant barrage Rowena suffers in conjunction with the elemental tiles can make it hard to move around the battlefield. You may have to spend Mana on Deathblows and Spells that have ground effects to counter this.

We found it much easier to stagger Vengeful Revenant this time around, and we more-or-less ignored Broken Memory as getting enough damage to stick was awkward and very Mana intensive. Once you have Staggered Vengeful Revenant, Broken Memory instantly dies allowing you to do a Rushdown attack for heavy damage.

This fight can get quite costly in terms of mana, so try and use Mana Chains if you are getting a bit low. In addition, whenever you get an opportunity to Parry (not common), then follow this up with a fire-based Elemental Edge for some bonus damage.

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