'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout' Players Are Already Using Hacks to Cheat

Although Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout only debuted a week ago on PlayStation 4 and Steam, players have already discovered how to bypass obstacles, grief, and cheat their way through the mini-game-centric battle royale. The UK-based studio Mediatonic launched the title on August 4 and subsequently experienced server issues on Steam due to its staggering 2 million player login during its debut week. However, like many multiplayer games, players found ways to clip into walls, float, and run faster in order to gain an unfair advantage in competitive mini-games.

According to a statement made to Gamespot, Mediatonic says “We are working as quickly as we can to address this issue in the game. Cheating and other hacks to boost performance take away from the enjoyment of everyone and we are actively working to address this now.”

Several users also took to YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit to broadcast personal hacker moments. “Pathetic isn’t it?” said Redditor Beard_Of_Serpico in the Fall Guys subreddit. “Cheating in one of the most casual, child-friendly games ever. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Players suspect hackers are using third-party software to manipulate characters in-game. “There are already existing programs capable of letting players fly, teleport, and speed hack that anybody can go and download right now,” said Redditor Raging_Rob. “The number of cheaters is just going to rise as word gets around.”

Although there is currently no way to report in-game cheating, Meditonic has advised its user to report them in their Discord channel or the Fall Guys subreddit. The developer has also assured the title contains anti-cheating tools, “but we’re still tuning them as we get more data from launch!”

In other gaming news, a teenager spent nearly $20,000 USD in Twitch donations using his mother’s debit card.

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