'Fall Guys' Start Brand Bidding War to Win an In-Game Skin

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become one of the hottest titles in gaming since its recent launch at the beginning of the month. So much so, brands have been going out of their way to secure a collaboration with the trendy new game. As such, developer Mediatonic announced via the title’s official Twitter handle that because “the thirst from brands has been unreal,” it’s hosting a virtual bidding war where the highest bidder gets an in-game skin. All proceeds will be going to UK-based charity Special Effect, which focuses on gamers with physical disabilities.

Entitled “Battle of the Brands,” the competition states that the highest bidder after two weeks will win their very own costume within the popular video game after filling out legal paperwork and completing the donation. “If we decide that your brand is offensive/unsuitable, we will yeet your pledge out and pick the next highest,” the developers assured its community, ensuring Fall Guys gamers maintain a healthy fanbase.

The makers of Warframe were high bidders at $20,000 USD before Bisect Hosting rose the stakes to $38,880 USD. The highest bidder thus far is G2 Esports at $130,003 USD. Steelseries also said it would reach out to Special Effects and make a donation of its own. Other brands mentioned so far were Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza, Walmart, and KFC, the latter of which also submitted their own mock-ups designs.

Check out the ongoing thread right now.

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