Fall Guys Season 3’s Crown Ranks Will Allow You To Win And Flaunt Solid Gold Costumes

There will be no hiding your subpar crown count in Fall Guys season three as Crown Ranks and gold costumes are being added to the game.

Fall Guys was always at risk of falling off a steep ledge after the initial hype of the game’s release began to die down. Not only could it not remain free-to-play on PlayStation forever, but as is the case with all battle royale titles, its concept is limited. It was and is up to developers Mediatonic to keep the momentum going.

There have been mixed results on that front. The launch of season two appeared to peak people’s interest, but Mediatonic was unable to sustain that wave. It now needs to go above and beyond with the release of season three this week. Judging by what we have been shown so far, it appears to have done exactly that.

Fall Guys will be getting seven new rounds, for starters. That’s a big improvement on the three added to usher in season two. It will also be attempting to appeal to its players’ competitive sides by introducing Crown Ranks. Players will be able to increase their Crown Rank by winning Crowns. Pretty simple, and another reason to want to win shows other than to attain currency needed to unlock costumes and other items.

While it’s still unclear whether you will be able to compare your Crown Rank with other players, beyond directly asking them, there will be a way to flaunt it in-game. The higher your Crown rank, the more exclusive loot you will unlock. Color and style variations that can only be unlocked by reaching a particular Crown Rank.

That includes solid gold versions of classic costumes from seasons one and two, as was revealed via the PlayStation Blog. If you see someone jogging alongside you wearing a gilded hotdog costume, then that means they probably have a higher crown rank than you. Fall Guys season three kicks off on December 15, 2020. This will be a big one for the game as casual gamers receiving consoles over the holidays will be looking for cheaper games they can play with the whole family. Fall Guys is exactly that.

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