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One of the most notable features in Fall Guys is the large degree of customization when it comes to personalizing your own Fall Guy, providing players with countless cosmetic items to wear when competing in-game. There are several ways to acquire these cosmetic items, one of which is through the participation in limited-time events.

This remains true with the latest in-game event that Fall Guys is hosting, the Lobstar League Event, providing players with the Lobstar costume on completion. This event will only be available for a week's time, taking place until December 12, so we've put together a guide providing you with everything you need to know to earn yourself this event-exclusive costume.

Event Challenges

To earn all available event rewards, including the Lobstar costume, you will need to complete Event Challenges, specific missions that are only available during this specific event window. For this event, there are ten Event Challenges, each requiring you complete a task while competing in either the Solo, Duos, or Squads Show.

Completing each of these challenges will provide you with 100 Event Currency, used to unlock the different rewards that are available for this event. Below you can find each of these Event Challenges, including their specific completion requirements.

Challenge Number

Challenge Requirement


Reach Round Four in Solo Show one time.


Reach the Final Round in Solo Show one time.


Win Solo Show one time.


Reach Round Four in Duos Show one time.


Reach the Final Round in Duos Show one time.


Win Duos Show one time.


Reach Round Four in Squads Show one time.


Reach the Final Round in Squads Show.


Win Squads Show one time.


Win Squads Show two times.

Event Rewards

Completing the Event Challenges found above will earn you each of the event rewards included with the Lobstar League Event, including the Lobstar costume. There are a total of five different rewards that can be obtained via this event, each acquired once you have reached a set amount of the Event Currency for completing Event Challenges.

You will maintain the same total of Event Currency after redeeming the various event rewards. This means that you will not have to spend Event Currency to obtain any of the rewards available.

Each of these event-exclusive rewards can be found below, accompanied by the amount of Event Currency you will have to accumulate to obtain them.

Event Reward

Event Currency Required

"Castaway" Nickname


200 Kudos


"Lobster Claw" Nameplate


"Lobstar" Costume Lower


"Lobstar" Costume Upper


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