Fall Guys’ Latest Update Prevents Back To Back Team Games

The developers behind new sensation Fall Guys have announced a sudden update, one that makes it so players will no longer need to worry about playing in back-to-back team games.

As the most successful launch in Devolver history, Fall Guys has received plenty of support from both the community and developers alike. While the feedback towards the game has been overwhelmingly positive, the community has had a few criticisms towards certain game modes and one certain team color. The developers at Mediatonic addressed the criticism towards team game modes in the latest update, mostly by cutting down on their frequency.

Announced via the Fall Guys Twitter, players will no longer see consecutive team rounds while playing matches. Many players have made complaints about team games requiring players to rely too much on the skill of other people, and some players are getting frustrated with losing matches due to idling players. Mediatonic obviously couldn’t remove team games entirely to solve this issue, as team games are probably some players’ favorites, but they did remove the possibility of back-to-back team games to help improve the experience for those who don’t enjoy them. Another change to team games was made, albeit a much smaller change. The Team Tail Tag timer has been reduced from two minutes to now a minute and a half.

Fall Guys is a very strong Game of the Year contender for 2020. The Battle Royale genre has always been a controversial one, with it simultaneously being the most-played, but also the most hated trend in gaming due to its strong use of microtransactions. Fall Guys has proven to be the first game to really break that barrier, being loved by nearly everyone in the gaming community, even those who have never previously enjoyed a Battle Royale before. For the minority of gamer who just can’t stand the game, they’re going to have to learn to live with it, for as long as Fall Guys continues to receive this kind of support from the developers, the game won’t be going anywhere.

For fans of team games, there is a silver lining to this update: now you won’t have to worry about playing on the yellow team as much! For players who haven’t gotten on the Fall Guys train yet, it’s never too late to do so. Fall Guys is one of the quickest games for new players to learn, and it’s available now for the low, low price of $20 on Steam. Come join in on the fun to show your support to the developers and the phenomenal work they have done.

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