Fall Guys: Forget Big Yeetus, Season 2 Is All About Thicc Bonkus

Fall Guys season two launches later this week, and with it, something that makes Big Yeetus look like a reflex hammer. Thicc Bonkus.

The pandemic that still grips the world has made it feel like time is passing far more slowly than it really is. It feels as if Tiger King was released during a different lifetime, and what the world was like before Fall Guys is a distant memory. However, the Total Wipeout-inspired battle royale game isn’t even in its second season yet.

That comes later this week on October 8, 2020. The Fall Guys social media team has been offering up sneak peeks of what’s to come in season two for weeks. The biggest of those peeks happened earlier this week when players were given a first look at Knight Fever. A brand new level that will be added in season two that centers around the fantasy-themed costumes beans have been wearing in screenshots.

Knight Fever will be a race round and judging by its design, it might be the most difficult to date. Aside from Slime Climb, of course. To make matters worse, there’s a chance that “the latest character in the Fall Guys Cinematic Universe” could be a part of the course on occasions. The character is called Thicc Bonkus, and Fall Guys players should be very, very afraid.

As can be seen above, Thicc Bonkus is a swinging roller covered in spikes. Unlike Big Yeetus, which tends to take out players bean by bean, Thicc Bonkus’s length and sweeping motion will be able to take down and potentially eliminate beans by the boatload. Fall Guys has provided little in the way of information about Thicc Bonkus other than its name and design. No word yet on whether it’s a fixed feature on a level or will spawn randomly like Big Yeetus.

Unlike Big Yeetus, Mediatonic let the Fall Guys community name Thicc Bonkus. Other names that were considered but deemed to be unworthy included Sir Yeetalot and Mince Meatus. Players will be able to get their first look at Thicc Bonkus in the flesh on October 8. Until then, the number of fame points players can earn during each show has been doubled.

For more info on Fall Guys, including how those delicious-looking beans taste, check out TheGamer’s exclusive interview with its lead game designer.

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