Fall Guys Developers Say They Will Delete The Yellow Team If They Get One Million Retweets

Fall Guys producer Alex Sudowhaley jokingly took a screenshot showing his ability to delete the yellow team, writing that if the screenshot got one million retweets, the world’s favorite punching bag of a team would be deleted. While the tweet started as a joke, the Fall Guys developers now feel inclined to go through with it if it actually hits that milestone.

Top gaming scientists all around the world unanimously agree that it is simply impossible for the yellow team to be victorious. While the reasoning behind this fact is unclear, the evidence is undeniable. As such, gamers all over have taken to arms against the yellow team and the developers at Mediatonic have taken notice. It all started with a tweet in the early morning of August 18th, when producer Alex Sudowhaley jokingly stated that if the screenshot got one million retweets, then the cursed yellow team would be exterminated via one simple click.

It’s quite clear that even the developers have had enough of the yellow team, as they themselves retweeted their own tweet. It was made even more clear that Mediatonic was ready and willing to give the yellow team the boot, as just six hours later, they wrote on their twitter that while it started as a joke, they would have no choice but to follow through with promises and wipe the yellow team from existence.

The fate of the yellow team is not looking too hot right now, with the original tweet accumulating nearly 150k retweets in just 12 hours. Even if the yellow team is still less than a fifth of the way dead now, the tweet won’t be going anywhere, so the end for the yellows is inevitable. It’s just a question of when? Unless the developers impose a time limit, which is very unlikely, we may see a new color take to the course in the battle royal that took the gaming world by storm. Perhaps a purple team or a bright white team will take its place. Let’s just hope they’re not equally bad, or worse.

On one hand, you hate to be the yellow team, so you want to see them gone, but on the other, if you’re playing as the red, blue or green team in Tail Tag, you’ve got a free pass to the next round, so consider the consequences before you choose to retweet or not. For gamers who have not yet taken to the course in Fall Guys, now may be your last chance to pick on the yellow team, so jump in quick and get in on the action! With new maps being added regularly, you won’t miss your $20.

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