Fail Factory Is Coming To Oculus Quest And Rift Very Soon

Another Oculus Go game is making the jump to Quest and Rift. This time it’s Armature’s Fail Factory, published by Oculus itself.

You may remember Fail Factory from its release all the way back in 2017. The game takes place in a robot-building factory in which a clumsy bunch of blob-like workers get up to no good.

As a new employee intent on working your way up the ranks, you’ll take part in a bunch of minigames around the factory. These include things like dropping object with a crane, assembling and testing robots along an obstacle course, and firing projectiles through a gauntlet of bouncy targets. We’d assume the game has been retooled to support Rift and Quest’s 6DOF touch controllers.

We never actually got a chance to play Fail Factory back in the day, so hopefully, we’ll be able to check it out this time. It’s Armature’s first VR title, though the developer is best known for porting games like Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to handheld platforms. The team also released Sports Scramble for the launch of Oculus Quest last year, which featured the same characters from Fail Factory.

I guess we should have known Fail Factory would arrive on Quest and Rift when it didn’t appear on the list of 50+ Go games you can now play on Quest.

The store trailer for Fail Factory confirms the game’s coming to its new platforms on January 16. You can wishlist the game on Quest here and on Rift here. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments below!

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