Evil Dead’s Army Of Darkness Update Aims To Fix Demon Possession Spam

Evil Dead: The Game's Army of Darkness update released today and it aims to fix the community's biggest problem – early-game demon possession spam.

As is the case with any multiplayer experience, Evil Dead: The Game isn't free of balance issues and exploits. There are a fair few key examples of ways both survivors and demons exploit the game's mechanics, but by far the most noteworthy one is early-game demon possession spam.

This method sees demon players possessing basic units as early on in the game as possible thanks to their low infernal energy cost to both summon and maintain. Possessed demon units are powerful, especially against one human player, so the demon player just needs to spam this move over and over again without expending much energy and they'll usually be able to beat any unorganised human players.

The ease of this exploit made it one of the biggest issues that players had with the game and one that was constantly brought up over on the Evil Dead: The Game subreddit. Saber Interactive has previously promised that it'd be taking a look at the issue and adjusting the cost of the ability and it's followed through on that promise with the Army of Darkness update that just released today.

Although the new map, weapons, and outfits might seem like the highlight of the update, the patch notes reveal something much more exciting – the cost of demon possession has been increased. Every single unit in the game now has a minimum spend of 60 infernal energy points, while some even go up to 70.

The previous cost for some units was just 20, so it's now tripled in price for demon players to possess even the most basic of units. Although it's still possible for demon players to spam possession, it's going to cost them a lot more to do so and it seemingly can't be repeated over and over again.

The Army of Darkness update just launched today, so it's likely that it'll introduce some more issues that need ironing out, but for now it looks like the game's biggest issue might have been dealt with.

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