Everyone Is Lusting Over Clue’s New Cast

Clue is a pretty old game at this point – that's Cluedo for all you Brits. It was devised all the way back in 1943, so producer Hasbro has come up with various different iterations and redesigns over the years to keep things fresh. It might have gone a bit too far this time, as the new designs of the game's iconic characters have a significant portion of the Internet hoping that they encounter Colonel Mustard in the Living Room with a Lead Pipe.

First spotted by Kotaku, a tweet from Twitter user Christian Hoffer sharing Clue's new box art and redesigned characters has exploded, with quite a few people surprised at how much of a snack the entire cast looks like now.

From left to right we have Professor Plum, Mr. Green, a redesigned version of Mrs. White who is now known as Chef White, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, and Colonel Mustard. Despite Mrs. Peacock giving off strong Kamala Harris energy, most of the people reacting to the new characters are just simply stunned at how the artists over at Hasbro's have willingly made everyone as smoking as humanly possible. It knows what it's doing too, as Hasbro itself is in the replies directing people to where they can find more.

Characters have been called everything from a "bomb ass polycule" to "Ru Paul judges," while there are plenty of folks who haven taking a liking to Professor Plum and would be "signing up for all his classes." Hasbro has clearly managed to cater to almost everyone's tastes in one image, which is an incredible feat in itself, leaving bisexuals in a state of panic.

Just make sure not to forget that one of these people is a murderer though, so definitely take that into account while you're staring lovingly into Chef White's eyes.

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