Every Secret Treasure Location In Tunic

There are 12 secret treasures in Tunic, and as the name implies, they're in another league from the usual fare. You won't find them so easily as you did your sword, or even your wand. They aren't holding mere potions for safekeeping. They're not just secret, you see, but quite shiny as well.

Follow our guide to find them all, which will unlock the very last major puzzle that Tunic has to offer. Indeed, obtaining these 12 treasures is absolutely integral to seeing everything the developers intended, including the mysterious Glyph Tower that only opens up after this quest.

Every Secret Treasure Walkthrough

We'll begin fittingly – with the first of the group – and go over them all one by one, detailing in full the steps you'll need to take to make every treasure yours forevermore.

Treasure Name Prerequisites? Route Directional Inputs
Mr. Mayor Head toward the East Forest through what is likely the very first door you ever unlocked. Instead of continuing to the forest, stay inside the room that the door leads to; then, trace the directional pad over the symbol that stands out vividly on the wall.
A Secret Legend Go to the cathedral at nightfall, veering westward once you're inside. Pass the ladder and sprint into the wall in the back of the room. Once this new passageway becomes available, cross the bridge in front of you and unlock the door at the far end. The goal is to eventually espy a hidden ladder at the Cathedral's main entrance of all places. Once you've done so, sleep to advance to daytime and return to the bridge. Here, you'll find the treasure.
Sacred Geometry Travel to the windmill. As is often the case with Tunic, patterns are meaningful; in this case, observe the sails. Once the rope is across the sails, you'll need to move inside to outside with precise directional inputs listed in the next column. Down, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down.
Vintage You must possess Page One of the Game Manual. Turn the game's sound off entirely and stand in a body of water for a full minute. Check the Game Manual's first page and note a new message has appeared beneath the Developer's Message.Find the location indicated on the page and operate the directional input's listed in the next column. Down, followed by right 11 times, and then left 12 times.
Just Some Pals Find the four Golden Skulls in the southern stretch of the Swamp region. Locate the sole gravestone nearby with a small puddle behind it. One by one, roll your Golden Skulls into the puddle until the Secret Treasure appears.
Regal Weasel You'll need the Fire Rod, Magic Dagger, and Magic Jar. This one's surprisingly combat-oriented. Venture to the Golden Obelisk located in the East Garden region. Head south until the path twists to the northwest, and you'll eventually espy an enemy that cannot be attacked through conventional means. Instead, draw your wand (Fire Rod) and Magic Dagger simultaneously, which creates an excellent icy ranged attack. This freezes the foe. Finally, bring out the Magic Jar and grapple to the frozen fellow.
Spring Falls Locate every Fairy Chest. There are 20 in all. With every Fairy Chest located, head back to the room behind the waterfall.
Power Up Having Page 34 isn't strictly necessary, but it helps contextually. Page 34 of the Game Manual contains a legend that translates the notes played by the wind chime outside the Old House. These notes to the follow directional inputs, which you must perform. Up, Down, Right, Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up.
Back to Work You'll need Page 11 of the Game Manual. Observe the picture on Page 11 and travel to the location it displays. Utilize the dots that say "Prize/Treasure" via the following inputs. Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Down.
Phonomath Learn Teleport Dash. From the warp point at the Ruined Atoll, journey roughly southwest all the way, and you'll encounter an island requiring a Teleportat Dash. Defeat the rock-like enemy who awaits you.
Dusty Learn Teleport Dash. Return to the Hero's Grave from the opening chapter of the game. You should find a rocky path headed northbound that concludes with a room with several leaf piles. Destroy them all and your prize shall appear.
Forever Friend Throughout the game, some rooms contain shortcuts that are cleverly hidden. Wander around the perimeter of the teleportation hub, and you'll find one that leads to this chest.

How to Unlock Glyph Tower

Remember where you acquired your shield back at the Old House? Go back there and locate the secret tunnel to the southeast. Emerging on the other side, you'll find a room with 12 pedestals – one for each of your hard-earned secret treasures.

Bring your secret treasures here one by one (or all at once, for all it matters) until you've done so with six of the 12. At this point, a portal appears in the collection room. All you've got to do to reach Tunic's Glyph Tower now is to bravely step inside the portal. Good luck, foxy hero!

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