Eve Online’s latest crossover is with… Microsoft Excel?

The world’s most complicated MMO has announced a tie-in that would seem ludicrous for any other game but has actually got fans very excited.

Eve Online sees hundreds of thousands of players every month, and has for close to two decades now, but as successful as it’s been there’s no pretending that it’s an easy game to get into.

The sci-fi MMO is extremely complicated and unforgiving, in a way that makes Elden Ring seem like a walk in the park, with systems that can take weeks to learn and enough stats and options to fill a space cruiser.

For that reason, a crossover with Microsoft Excel does actually make sense and fans are already excited they’ll be able to export files directly from the game to the famous spreadsheet.

The feature was announced at the Eve Fanfest 2022 event and will allow fans to add a JavaScript API to Excel, that then allows you to import data from Eve Online.

The feature won’t be available until later in the year, but Icelandic creator CCP has promised more information soon.

The 2022 Fanfest also announced a number of new narrative expansions called Arcs, which will create new ‘multi-year’ storylines for the game.

There’ll also be something called the AIR Career Program which is specifically aimed at new players, offering detailed guidance for the four career paths of Explorer, Enforcer, Industrialist, and Soldier of Fortune.

The base game is free-to-play from Steam so if you’re interested in living a second life in a bewilderingly complex sci-fi universe you can give it a try for nothing.

Microsoft Excel has always been the most gaming adjacent of the Office tools, with various versions of the spreadsheet having their own hidden mini-game.

There’s also an actual Microsoft Excel esports tournament, that is a real thing that we’re not making up. Although technically it’s financial modelling that’s been tested more than your ability to use Excel itself.

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