Escape from Tarkov wipe date: Tarkov Wipe coming soon with update 12.12 – Report

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The latest hints shared by developers Battlestate Games suggests that the next Escape from Tarkov wipe will happen between December 12 and December 24.

This would mean that the next patch would be released on one of these dates, adding the latest big changes to the game.

There have been no definitive announcements from the team regarding the subject this week, meaning that, officially, nothing is scheduled to happen.

However, the latest teasers posted to social media suggest that we’re just weeks away from the next Escape from Tarkov wipe.

Over on Instagram, the team posted an image with the caption: “You already know when the 12.12 release will be.”

And as December 12 would coincide nicely with the Tarkov 0.12.12 update, this has become the unofficial wipe date for fans.

No official trailer for 12.12 has been released yet, but gamers are confident it will be arriving very soon, possibly on December 10.

Other hints have also been dropped, including the start of the pre-wipe boss event that has slowly been taking over the servers.

As reported by fans, Killa and Tagilla are now appearing at the Interchange and Factory, with Cultist spawn rates increasing in areas too.

One user reported on Reddit today: “I was just running Factory as a scav when I heard automatic gun fire.

“I went running towards it hoping to get a cheeki shot on a geared PMC. As soon as I ran into the long spawn hallway (I don’t know the name), Killa came running out from behind a box.

“I froze for a second thinking it was a PMC in full Killa gear. Nope. End round screen says Killa, Head-Ears.”

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Another added: “Well, I guess I have to eat my words because I was convinced that this wouldn’t be so soon, but an event starting now is the strongest evidence of an incoming wipe (on the 12th) to date.

“Well, in that case, I predict that we’ll get many tuning patches in the lead-up till the end of the year.”

Traditionally, the Escape from Tarkov character wipe includes losing levels and trader rep, as well as stash progress.

There is also a new update or small patch released that includes some important changes to the game, including new content and weapon rebalancing.

So expect plenty more chatter from fans until we hear what is planned for the next Escape from Tarkov wipe.

The next update for the game is expected to include the new Lighthouse map, although not all the features will be ready at launch.

A boss will be added to the map at a later date unless plans have changed since the latest news was shared.

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