Escape From Tarkov: What Is The Weapon Safe Key For?

There are so many items in Escape From Tarkov, it's hard to keep track. From bolts to books to bandages, it's an all-you-can-loot buffet of rubbish and riches. Most notably are the various keys littered around Tarkov's eight different locations, each serving a specific purpose. Whether it's bartering, crafting, or even unlocking things as you might expect a key to do.

What Is The Weapon Safe Key For?

At the moment, the weapon safe key is, rather surprisingly, unable to unlock any of the various safes and lockboxes found in Tarkov. Its main purpose is as a bartering item for specific vendors across the market. You'll often find yourself selling them to players on the online market, or making an easy 6,930₽ by selling it to the therapist vendor. Currently, it is going for a flea price of 7,106₽ according to Tarkov Market, although this fluctuates quite rapidly at -1.51% over a 24h period, with a +1.42% increase after a week.

That's not all, however, as the key can be bartered, along with a roll of toilet paper, to Jaeger at loyalty level 1 for a 30mm scope mount. This is incredibly useful for new players since the scope mount usually costs around 16,969₽ flea price. Using this barter to grab yourself a quick scope mount before you've reached LL2 with Jaeger, allowing you to buy the mount at 4,291₽, can be incredibly useful if you find yourself burning through equipment.

Where To Find The Weapon Safe Key

The key is found in various lockers, jackets, and scavs. Your best bet for finding one is to scour Interchange since it can often be found in the OLI logistics department. Try looking around coat hangers and lockers found in the center of the shopping mall and you should be able to find one. If you're struggling, there's always the option of grabbing a key off of a dead scav, although this naturally comes with the consequences of a firefight.

Typically, this item is going to fall outside your interest after a level or two, but given the right circumstances, it is an incredibly useful item for getting yourself off the ground running. With the scope mount offered through bartering and a handy scope to use with it, it could give you that much-needed edge to win your next fight.

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