End Space Quest 2 Update Adds 90Hz, Phase Sync, And Better Visuals

End Space is one of the best single-player focused arcade-style space combat VR games out there. Originally released way back on the Gear VR Orange Bridge Studios have continued to support and expand the game to every single major VR platform and now the Quest 2 is getting some specific love and attention.

You can watch a short gameplay clip of End Space on Quest 2 with the new update installed right here:

End Space has been available on Quest obviously, but now that the Quest 2 is out the opportunity is there to make that version the definitive way of playing the game. After today’s update, I think they’ve accomplished that. I previously called it a great alternative to Star Wars: Squadrons and now that’s even more true for Quest 2 owners.

With Update the Quest 2 is now able to really set this game apart. You’ll now get the newly supported 90Hz mode for a smoother experience, Facebook’s new Phase Sync feature is enabled for reduced latency, and the overall Level of Detail for the Quest 2 version is bumped up to the “same levels” as on Rift. According to Orange Bridge Studios Director, Justin Wasilenko, “This is as close to the graphics from the Rift version as we could manage inside this amazing standalone headset.”

This latest update includes a host of other changes as well. Now, the default controls for your ship use the thumbsticks for ship movement. Bluetooth gamepads now control more similarly to the Touch controller thumbsticks for a more seamless experience.

What I love about End Space is that it controls well, looks great, and delivers an exciting single-player space combat adventure. There is plenty of content here for the price of entry and it really, really looks amazing on Quest 2 now especially. Hopefully we get some news about what this team is working on next very soon.

End Space is available on the Oculus Quest platform, End Space on Oculus Go | Oculus, the Oculus Rift PC Store, Steam, and PSVR. In fact, the PSVR version is still discounted for the Winter Sale until December 22nd and is just $5 instead of $20. That’s a steal.

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