EN World Presents The Level Up Advanced 5th Edition Tabletop RPG Developer Team

Earlier this week, EN World’s Russ Morrissey announced that the team who will work on the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition tabletop roleplaying game had been chosen. As of this writing, 23 outstanding TTRPG creators are on the team, with more to be announced and added soon. You can see and read a bit about each team member on the Meet Our Team! post on the official Level Up website.

Shortly after that initial announcement, Morrus (Morrissey) tweeted out a message saying the “intro chapter’s first draft is done” with a snippet of a completed page, including art. He added that the “intro chapter has been written by the awesome Anthony Alipio,” showing that the Level Up design team may have just been chosen, but they are already diving into their work. In fact, Morrissey has posted on the EN World forum that the “first playtest package should be available some time next week.”

ICYMI, EN World announced the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition RPG (A5E) earlier this month, and also quickly established its official website and Kickstarter landing page. Accompanying those was a public call for “an elite team of diverse 5E designers” to help light the beacons on this project, and it seems that there were quite a few people (at least 60) who applied.

Here is a quick list of the announced A5E team as they stand so far:

  • Russ Morrissey
  • Willy Abeel
  • Mellanie Black
  • Rich Lescouflair
  • Morrigan Robbins
  • Lydia Van Hoy
  • Robyn Nix
  • Anthony Alipio
  • Thiago Rosa
  • Andrew Engelbrite
  • Owen K.C. Stephens
  • Savannah Broadway
  • Leon Barillaro
  • Paul Hughes
  • Mike Myler
  • Sarah Breyfogle
  • Josh Gentry
  • Amber Underwood
  • Yvonne Hsiao
  • Davae Breon Jaxon
  • Cassandra Macdonald
  • Alba Palacio

There’s a good chance you recognize or probably even know well a few of the people currently making up the A5E team. And true to their word, Morrissey has indeed gathered a party of elite 5E designers. Even if you’ve never heard of anyone here before, inclusion on this list is a good indicator we’re going to know and hear more about them as A5E develops.

Track further news, info, and discussion about A5E over on the forum, website, and Kickstarter landing page.

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