Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Shows Gameplay At The Game Awards

The promise of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is looking clearer thanks to a new gameplay trailer shown at The Game Awards.

Odyssey is an expansion for Elite Dangerous that’s due out early next year. It’s supposed to focus more on exploration than previous content by giving players more freedom to roam planets. New tech will make these new landscapes look better than ever before, and players will be given more combat options in terms of crew and equipment.

We got to see some of these things during The Game Awards thanks to new gameplay footage. It showed some of the character customization, taking the form of special suits for certain tactical preferences, and social hubs for meeting other players. But perhaps the most exciting addition will be combat between land vehicles, starships, and ground forces. Fans of classic Star Wars Battlefront might finally get the full-scale space war they’ve been looking for.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is due in early 2021 for Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. You can now pre-order Odyssey for $39.99. Also available is the Deluxe Alpha expansion pack for $54.99. This includes the Odyssey expansion, Alpha/Beta access, and the official soundtrack. Both pre-order packs grant access to the exclusive Pioneer suit skin as a pre-order bonus. There’s no word yet on next gen versions or upgrades.

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