Elder Scrolls Online Brings Druids Back For The First Time Since Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls Online is bringing back Druids in the High Isle expansion. They're a race who haven't been seen since Daggerfall—we've met descendants and adjacent races like the Wyrd, but Druids have been left shrouded in mystery, mentioned in books and loading screens. Until now.

You'll find several Druid enclaves that are pivotal to High Isle's story, now worshipping the growing volcanic activity, even using the surfacing magma to cook their fish. We've seen the Wyrd before in ESO, but druids haven't been this significant since the '90s—in Daggerfall, they're the ones carrying your coffin in the death scene, while we get little hints to them worshipping nature and going out looking for human sacrifices.

"You see the Wyrd in Glenumbra—the Wyrd are the Druids after over 100 years," lead content designer Jeremy Sera told us. "The idea that we get to show you how we came to be where we are is so cool and that's one of the really neat things about this world. There are so many amazing stories to tell and we wanted to make a point of showing people the Druids, how they were different from the Wyrd.

"A simple example but super telling is that the Wyrd are all women. Druids are everybody, and there are three different groups. There's the Stonelore who you see often, representing our friendly contingent in that they don't hate us. And there's the Eldertide and the Firesong who don't hate us but want to do their own thing.

"It's a lot of fun adding new lore, and we also get the opportunity to work with Bethesda Game Studios and make sure that we're all on the same page because this isn't our world. It is 'our' world, and you are all part of the people who own it."

Digging deeper into Wyrd and Druid lore, there are even murmurs that the Bretons are descendants of Druids, specifically the Druids of Galen, so it makes sense that High Isle, a Breton-centric expansion, would revisit this old and forgotten race. When it launches on June 6, we'll get to dig deeper into this whole new culture.

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