Elden Ring Update Changes Summoning, Invading, And Rolling

Elden Ring came out of the gate hard back in February, and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down. With many big games due to come out in 2022 being pushed back due to delays, it's likely FromSoftware's latest will top many Game of the Year lists. Still, it's not perfect, and the devs have been hard at work tweaking the game to ensure the experience is as good as possible. Here are the highlights from update 1.06.

The full patch notes can be found on Bandai Namco's website, but we're going to prioritise and explain the most impactful changes that are being implemented. The biggest change is to summoning and invading. Now, summons signs can be sent to summoning pools in distant areas, beyond the one your character is in. This will also work for invasions.

However, sending co-op summoning signs via this function won't get you sucked into Mohgwyn Palace, as that area is excluded from this new feature. It is a truly cursed place afterall.

The second biggest change is coming to the dodging mechanics in Elden Ring. Now, all players with a light equip load will roll further when they dodge. Sorry tanks, no long roll for you. It isn't explained if this will impact the number of invisibility frames or if you'll simply roll faster for the same amount of time, therefore going further, but it's an interesting change nonetheless.

FromSoftware has also decreased the amount of time it takes to be able to roll after attacking, although jump attacks, dual wield attacks, and mounted attacks aren't affected by this change. Bloodhound Step and Quick Step have also been altered, with the former having a shorter travel distance and fewer iframes, and both becoming less effective with continued use, as well as having increased travel distances for light equip loads.

If you want these in your game, you'll have to install the update first, so if you don't like what you see, don't download it, although that will prevent you from accessing the online components of Elden Ring.

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