Elden Ring Spoilers Are Hitting The Internet Following Network Test Datamine

Elden Ring spoilers have started to hit the internet following a datamine of November's network test.

Back in November, some lucky gamers were chosen to take part in Elden Ring's network test, which essentially acted as a demo for the game. Although that network test has long been removed, hackers have been able to gain access to the PS4 version of the test and have managed to gain access to key plot points, characters, and endgame content.

As reported by VGC, hackers were able to gain access to the network test with jailbroken PS4s. With these consoles, hackers were able to run unauthorised copies of games, including being able to play the Elden Ring network test long after it had been removed. After getting access to the network test, hackers have been able to datamine it to find scripts, character models, dialogue, and endgame content.

Although we obviously won't be posting any of the spoilers in this post, it's important to be aware that the leaks reportedly include over 3000 voice lines, character models, animation data, and dialogue scripts. This means that dataminers have essentially gained access to the whole of Elden Ring's plot and also reportedly have access to endgame content spoilers.

In response to this leak, the Elden Ring subreddit has banned any posts containing datamined content, telling those looking for the leaks to look and post elsewhere. A message posted on the subreddit says, "The sub has always aimed to focus on Elden Ring and wants to celebrate the experience of the game so that the creative vision of the developer may shine through. Hacking into their demo and unceremoniously spoiling plot points, mechanics and systems long before these are ready for launch is not something this sub will support.

"If you want to see such content, by all means you can find it elsewhere. But please do not post it, link to it or share it here, and do not discuss matters related to datamined content, mechanics, lore points, reveals etc."

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