Elden Ring reveal in 'a month or two' claims insider

After Elden Ring was a no-show at The Game Awards, a reliable source believes that something will be shared in the coming months.

While there were plenty of new game reveals and major updates at The Game Awards 2020, one game that many hoped would be there was completely absent: Elden Ring.

Following this, GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb, in a recent video discussing The Game Awards, says that he believes a new reveal will come sooner than some people think.

‘Here’s one thing I’ve heard that I can say: have a little bit more patience, but just a little bit more. That doesn’t mean days, and I don’t think it quite means weeks, but it doesn’t mean months and months and months.’

He adds that, according to his sources, Elden Ring is in a state where it could feasibly have been shown at The Game Awards, but studio FromSoftware simply opted not to.

‘They didn’t show it here, but I think they probably could have if they wanted to. I think it’s at that state. But let’s just give it a month or two more.’

Grubb has been a fairly reliable source of information on new game reveals this year and was one of the first to report that a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster was in the works, months before its official reveal.

Last month, Xbox head Phil Spencer said he has been able to play Elden Ring for himself, which seems to suggest that development is progressing smoothly and there are no major problems.

Elden Ring was only announced at E3 2019, but there have been no new trailers or any gameplay footage of it since.

It immediately won peoples’ interest due to it not only coming from the studio behind the Dark Souls series, but also novelist George R. R. Martin, who writes the A Song Of Ice And Fire books which Game Of Thrones was based on.

Elden Ring is being developed for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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