Elden Ring Player Takes Down Final Bosses In One Hit On New Game Plus 7

Elden Ring has beaten plenty of us over the head time and time again, leaving us scrambling to find summons, weapons, and builds that might just make things a little easier. But for some, they've completely conquered the game, with one player even taking down Radagon and the Elden Beast in one hit on NG+7.

Radagon doesn't have a second phase or health bar like some bosses, but when you finally beat him, you're thrown into a trippy cosmic arena with a giant slug monster. There's no time to recharge your flasks or get your health back—it's round two and you have to keep swinging. Then comes 'Your Average Gamer' who is anything but, managing to put together a build that let them one-shot both bosses, turning a two-prong fight into a slapstick joke (thanks, Forbes).

According to Your Average Gamer, real name Matthew Farnkopf, it took 20 hours to pull this off, with 50 hours of toying with Elden Ring's buffs. He uses the Gravel Stone Seal, Jellyfish Shield, Mushroom crown, Fetid Pots, Boluses, Blood sword, Godfrey Icon, Lightning Charm, Kindred of Roy's Exultation, Red Branch Feather Talisman, and Ancient Prayer Book, a combo that he claims is the best PvE build as of 1.06.

"Hey, this is Matt and this is the ultimate PvE build," the video opens. "This is the PvE build that breaks pretty much the entire game and turns it into easy mode. This is fantastic."

As he's talking, a clip plays where he doles out 30,000 damage, one-shotting the Elden Beast on NG+6. But it's not just the final bosses he shreds—Matt also takes out Radahn, Beast Clergyman, Maliketh, Godfrey, Hoarah Loux, and more, all with incredible ease. That's on NG+7.

If you're having a tough time with Elden Ring and need a build that can make things a bit more bearable, this will probably do the trick. It takes a little work to get all the pieces together but once you do, all you have to do to win is step into an arena, cast a spell, and voila. Job done.

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