Elden Ring Modathon Takes Place This Week

The first ever Elden Ring Modathon will be taking place over the course of this week, offering a number of different prizes for the best entries in each one of its three categories. These consist of Most Cursed, Best Reskin, and Game Changer. The top modders will be walking away with $250 for each one of the former and a solid $500 for the latter.

The event will be running for a seven day period between July 15 and 22, 2022. Contestants need only submit their creations to the popular modding website NexusMods while using the hashtag ER Modathon 2022. Entries will be judged by a jury of highly respected modders before any of the prize money is actually distributed.

“The 2022 Elden Ring Modathon is coming on July 15 with a total prize pool of $1,000 for three event categories and judged by the likes of modders such as LobosJr, Amir, Zullie the Witch, and myself,” the organizer behind the event, LeKevDev, explained back in June. “You can register for the event in my Discord which will also contain all of the rules and regulations.”

“Teams are allowed for this competition, so grab some friends or make new ones. If you have no modding experience, do not worry. We have a lot of resources available and people are very willing to help.”

According to LeKevDev, “I’ll be making a showcase video of all the best submissions along with the competition results on YouTube. I want to see this modding community grow, so let’s focus on having fun and learning to make mods for our favorite game.” LeKevDev later described the Elden Ring Modathon as being all about promoting “creativity, learning, and growth for the modding community.”

When it comes to categories, Most Cursed is about making the game as wild, wicked, and weird as possible. “Confuse, bewilder, and shock us with uncanny imagery, nonsensical mechanics, and leave us with a sense of unease,” LeKevDev said in the announcement video. “A good cursed mod goes beyond random equals funny or overly dark or edgy imagery. This category may not be as stringent about your technical modding capabilities, so focus on the content of your mod and what kind of reactions you want to elicit.”

As you might expect, Best Reskin tasks modders with changing the appearance of Elden Ring. “Revamp the visuals and mechanics of Elden Ring. Make it better represent another game or piece of media. A good emulation will need to be well researched in order to capture the themes of your chosen reskin.”

Game Changer is aimed at fundamentally altering how the game works. LeKevDev asks modders to “change Elden Ring as drastically as you can and think of a way to fundamentally alter the experience of Elden Ring. Some good examples of this come in the form of randomizers, the Swordsmanship Mod, or Seamless Co-Op. We’re looking for creativity in terms of what new game experiences you can bring.”

Contestants can join the relevant Discord server to stay on top of the latest announcements. Since they have only a week to submit their creations, modders need to avoid cutting corners, but time is truly of the essence.

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