Elden Ring Is Getting A Set Of Two 800-Page Art Books

When they're not trying to brutally murder you in the most horrific ways imaginable, The Lands Between and its denizens exude a sort of beauty. The nightmarish and tragic kind of beauty that only the minds at FromSoftware could conjure up. You can see it in the surroundings and even upon the enemies themselves – the detail that's put into every piece, grafting lore and visuals to create art. And now it can be yours for just $62!

As has been tradition since Dark Souls, the art of Elden Ring will be showcased in the form of an artbook. Two artbooks, to be specific – each costing $31. As noted by PC Gamer, Volume 1 of the A4 sized art book will cover concept art of locations, NPCs and armour, while Volume 2 will contain that of enemies, weapons and items. There's also the Ultra Edition, which comes with an artistic three-sided box to hold both books and a framed piece of concept art for Godfrey. This edition will set you back a whopping $125.

It's unclear whether these art books will contain interviews of the team at FromSoftware like previous books – but hopefully, they will. These interviews provide great insight into the art team's creative process, as well as the direction given by Miyazaki himself. Unfortunately, we don't yet know what the cover of the art books will look like either, as there's only a stand-in cover for now, but a bunch of samples for the concept art can be perused if you can't wait.

The rumour had been making rounds for a while, and while it's not a complete acquisition, Sony has finally bought a stake in FromSoftware – a big one too. Tencent and Sony Interactive Entertainment have together bought 30 percent of the studio, with the former getting 16.25 percent, while the latter gets 14.69 percent. Kadokawa Group will, however, remain the majority stakeholder, with 69.66 percent of the stock.

Kadokawa let Tencent and Sony in on the stake as it "recognizes the enhancement capabilities for the creation, development and deployment of game IP as one of the Group's highest priorities," and the two can definitely help FromSoftware with that.

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