Elden Ring: How To Defeat Margit the Fell Omen

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Margit the Fell Omen is the last boss available to face off against in the Elden Ring Network Test, taking guard in front of the Stormveil Castle Legacy Dungeon's entrance, forcing you to best them to gain access to it. While there was a good mix of formidable foes in the Network Test, Margit proved to be the most challenging of the bunch.

Margit's attacks are fast, calculated, and relentless, making you focus on maintaining your stamina to block and dodge his incoming onslaught of attacks while also having some leftover to answer back with attacks of your own. There are many ways to approach this battle, but here are the ways that worked for us so that you can implement them into your strategy.

Note: This information is based on Elden Ring's Network Test and is subject to change with the game's full release. We will keep this guide updated when more information becomes available.

Key Information

Bosses in Elden Ring will possess a wide range of unique stats, making them weak to some damage types while resistant or immune to others. Additionally, some areas may disable summoning of any sort, making you resort to dealing with the foe yourself. Some bosses, however, may even be skippable altogether.

In the case of Margit the Fell Omen, you can find all relevant information in the table below, ranging from location to drops and much more. Please note that we will update Margit's ailments with the game's full release.

Location Drops Boss Type Weaknesses Resistances Immunities Summons Allowed? Optional?
Stormhill 8,000 Runes Greater Foe ? ? ? Yes No

Physical Attack Recommendations

We recommend seeking out the Crucible Armor Set as it will be the best early-game armor that will help mitigate incoming damage. We suggest using Ordovis' Greatsword found alongside the Crucible Armor set and a shield with decent physical and magical resistance for your equipment.

The Reduva Dagger also works wonders against Margit. If you have the stats to wield it properly, rely heavily on its Blood Blade Skill. The Blood Blade will launch sharp blades of blood at your target, filling up their Bleed Meter. Once it's filled, they will lose a large chunk of their health. This method worked well for me, but I had to sacrifice my shield to use the Blood Blade and allot one of my Flasks to restore FP.

Magical Attack Recommendations

We strongly recommend using the Incantation Beast Claw or the Sorcery Glintstone Stars when taking on Margit for magic wielders. Both magical attacks proved very effective against Margit, with the only downside being the slightly long casting times both spells possess. However, if you have the Lone Wolf Spirit Ash, you can summon them in to temporarily distract Margit, allowing you to cast your magic without the worry of getting hit.

Furthermore, understanding Marget's battle tempo is essential. His attacks are always full-throttle, meaning if they're attacking, you will not have a window to answer back until they finish their attack chain. And, if they aren't currently attacking, that's your window to make a move before they start flying off the handle again. Additionally, if you get caught up in a large string of attacks from Marget, it's best to either try blocking them or get out of his way to then cast your spells at them whenever their onslaught ends.

First Phase

Margit the Fell Omen's first phase revolves around their Staff and Gold Blades, where they will utilize both to unleash unrelenting pressure on you, trying to back you into a corner, hoping you make a mistake or run out of stamina. Margit will be an incredibly challenging opponent for those that rely heavily on melee or any sort of close-quarter combat. While magic users will have a much more manageable fight, it's no walk in the park for them either.

Dagger Attacks

Margit's primary source of attacks comes from the glowing blade they summon. They use their blade to unload tons of attack combos at you in rapid succession, which can range from 2 hits to 3 to an entire sequence of spinning attacks that will annihilate you if it catches you off guard. There are also a few instances where Margit will hesitate, baiting you into making an impatient move, then lighting you up instantaneously after.

It's imperative to remain calm and patient when Margit relentlessly swings their blade at you, as it will always end with them slightly exhausted, exposing an opening for you to get a few hits in. However, when it is your chance to go on the offensive, do not get greedy, as your window for launching attacks is incredibly small and will surely lead you to your downfall if you get caught up in a counterattack.

For magic users, since you will predominantly use ranged attacks, your main worries during the first phase will be Margit's Charge Attack and Dagger Throws, which will be detailed below. However, do not try engaging with them if you get caught up in one of Margit's attacks. Try creating space to get back to a comfortable range to start casting more magic.

Staff Attacks

The second primary way Margit will attack you is via their large staff, but in a way you may not be anticipating. Rather than casting spells on you or hurtling magic at you, Margit elects to swing the large staff at you, dealing massive damage if it connects. The plus side here is that each swing with the staff is slow and cumbersome, allowing you to telegraph them relatively easily and quickly get out of the way.

Charge Attack

Any time you see Margit charging in for an attack, they will perform two large swing attacks, with the first one typically being well telegraphed and easy to dodge. In contrast, the second one is a bit off-paced, making you have to be a little patient before executing your second roll to avoid through it, gain the upper hand offensively. If done successfully, you will have quite a decent window to get a few significant attacks in before having to go back on defense.

Throwing DaggersIn addition to his staff, Margit also wields a glowing dagger that they use in a few ways. One of the most annoying uses of it is when they huck it across the arena at you or throws it from point-blank range as a way to end one of their exhaustingly long combo chains. The greater the distance between you and them, the more likely they are to throw their dagger. However, that will change during the second phase, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, there is no natural way to tell when they will hurl the dagger at you when in close range. Just always assume they're going to do it and give yourself a small buffer zone to account for it.

Second Phase

When you widdle Margit's health down to about 50-60%, they will periodically summon in a large, glowing hammer that deals excessive damage, making it the most vigorous attack in their arsenal. While the rest of their moveset largely remains the same, the tempo seems a bit faster, and they have a much more likelihood of ending your life with a few hits. So proceed with caution at this stage of the game. This stage will be an excellent time to reassess your strategy, check your healing situation, and hope for the best.

Hammer Swing

While pretty telegraphed, Margit still possesses the ability to catch you off guard with a giant horizontal swing of their hammer, which will knock you down on contact and deal tons of damage. When Margit begins this attack, you will see a small collection of energy manifesting beside Margit, which eventually explodes into the hammer, followed immediately by the attack.

This attack will happen when you're typically in close range of Margit but can also occur after their jumping attack with the hammer (below). Additionally, after Margit swings the hammer, they will occasionally chain it into the jumping attack, so be on your best guard if you see them swing the hammer as they will almost always have an immediate follow-up attack planned.

Jumping Hammer Strike

As touched on briefly above, Margit's second phase will add a hammer to their arsenal of attacks and periodically interweave it into their attack combos and strategy. One of the strongest attacks will be their jumping attack, where they jump high into the hair and come hurtling to the ground with a forceful slam, causing you to fall if you're too close to the shockwave or take tons of damage if hit directly.

Margit will typically perform this attack if they're far away from you, allowing them to close the gap in an instant, or will perform this action immediately after their initial hammer swing attack or any other attack of theirs. While the latter option is a rarer occurrence, it is still possible and should always be anticipated. The best strategy to deploy here is to wait until Margit leaps into the air, then get out of the way just enough to close in on them after they land, allowing you to land multiple, uncontested strikes before they recover. Magic-users can get even a safer distance away as they can launch spells at them as soon as they land.


Remember, Margit will still perform every single action they did in the first phase at a seemingly slightly faster pace, so approach those attacks the same as you would in the "Phase One" step above. Margit the Fell Omen is a relentless, formidable foe and will take some time nailing their patterns and pacing down. Hopefully, with all of the steps above, you can successfully take down this Greater Foe.

Also, keep in mind that if this fight proves too tricky for you, you can summon in other players or explore its vast, open-world to level up and come back later. Fighting a boss of this caliber can be exhausting, especially if you keep making mistakes. There's always better armor, weapons, and Runes to find and collect to become stronger!

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