Elden Ring: Carian Study Hall Guide

The Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring is an optional, small dungeon meant for magic users and daredevils. It's located in East Liurnia of the Lakes and is how you gain access to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Though the study hall is relatively small and with few enemies, the enemy it does bare is one of the toughest in the game as it spams magic attacks at a consistent rate.

This guide will explain how to defeat Preceptor Miriam of Carian Study Hall in the standard version and the inverted version. You will also be shown how to get through the study hall and to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Standard Carian Study Hall Guide

Carian Study Hall Overview Standard
Bosses Preceptor Miriam
Enemies Spectral Wandering Nobles

How To Defeat Preceptor Miriam

One of the many things that make the study hall a difficult adventure is that you can't summon other players or Spirit Ashes. Once you enter, all you can do is use the wooden lift further into the building, behind the wall. Once you reach the second level, you'll want to tread carefully. To your right will be a Golden Rune x3 to loot. There are Fingercreepers on the ceiling waiting to jump down on you, so keep one eye up. To your left is where the boss fight will trigger, once you walk up the stairs.

It's best to brute force your way to Preceptor Miriam. You can either ignore all the ghosts, run towards her and stagger her out of spells, or you can carefully get rid of the smaller enemies. Where she first spawns, you can use the railing to protect yourself from her spells as you deal with the ghosts. Then you can rush towards her and get some hits in. Once she's damaged enough, she will teleport farther away, down the center.

From here, you can again either ignore all ghosts and rush her again while dodging projectiles, or make sure to take the smaller enemies out one by one so that they don't become a problem later. These ghosts are relatively slow and do melee damage, so rushing Preceptor Miriam won't be an issue here. Again, you can get as many melee hits in as you can until she teleports up the third flight of stairs. Here you'll want to take care of the ghosts at the top as they can range attack you while you're trying to focus on the boss. You can use the railings down the stairs to protect yourself from Miriam's projectiles.

Again, she will teleport away. You can loot the Carian Glintstone Staff here. To the left is another wooden lift that will take you to the third floor to deal with Preceptor Miriam once and for all. This second phase is most suitable for ranged attacks. You'll enter a roundabout library where she will do her best to keep her distance. You can easily use the railings to protect yourself. If you try to rush her here, she will just keep teleporting away, which is why ranged battle is best here.

Because Preceptor Miriam stays far away and the battlefield is round with railings, it's easy to protect yourself and not get overwhelmed by the ghosts, but harder to inflict damage. Once she's defeated, make sure to use the ladder available and climb up onto the rafters. There will be some rats up there. Directly to your right, after climbing the first ladder, will be another. This will lead you to loot Cerulean Seed Talisman.

Defeating Preceptor Miriam in the standard version of Carian Study Hall rewards you with the Magical Downpour sorcery.

Inverted Carian Study Hall Guide

Carian Study Hall Overview Inverted
Bosses Preceptor Miriam
Enemies Lesser Fingercreeper, Spectral Knight
Quests Ranni The Witch Side Quest

Where To Go Inside Inverted Carian Study Hall

To invert the study hall, you're going to need the Carian Inverted Statue. You get it as a reward for giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade. All you have to do is interact with the desk in front of the Study Hall Entrance Site of Grace to insert the statue. You can remove the statue at any point in time to revert the study hall back to its original form. You can also invert it back whenever you want, in case you want to go back and explore.

Once inverted, the wooden lift will no longer be where it was. Instead, you have to hug the left wall and drop down. Just inside the window opening, there will be three small Fingercreepers. These guys can easily stagger you and get you stuck inside that small area, so be prepared to deal with them. You can attempt to lure them out or ranged attack them before going inside. You'll want to deal with them before moving forward, otherwise, they may become a problem later.

As you exit through the window, you'll want to turn left and walk along the wall. You'll notice at this point that there is a second Preceptor Miriam to fight. For now, we're going to explain how to reach the end of the study hall and get to the tower.

The second Preceptor Miriam fight walkthrough is below. Skip ahead to read.

At the end of the left wall, hug the wall and drop down. From here, you'll be dangerously close to Preceptor Miriam. You can meet her face to face here or continue on. Be wary of other enemies, though. To continue through the study hall, you have to jump down onto the chandeliers carefully. Once on the chandelier, carefully drop onto the rafters one by one. There is a wooden lift at the bottom that you must land onto. This lift will take you to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

How To Defeat Preceptor Miriam

To defeat the second version of Preceptor Miriam, it's best to have ranged damage. From the window you exited with the small Fingercreepers, you will see her across from you. This is the perfect distance to inflict ranged damage and stay safe. All you have to do to not get hit is back up. Then you can go back to the edge and attack with magic or arrows. Of course, once she's almost dead she will teleport away. She teleports just behind the archway she originally was at.

To get to her second location, follow the same route as before. Hug the left wall and drop down. Then you can walk and jump onto this archway. Be careful here, as there will be two small Fingercreepers and then a spectral knight will appear. Miriam will be trying to attack you from here as you fight these smaller enemies, but you can move your position closer to the opposite edge so that you don't get hit by her.

Once these smaller enemies are dealt with, you can either finish her off by continuing ranged damage from the archway, or you can turn right. To the right is where you can walk down to face her and inflict some melee damage.

By defeating Preceptor Miriam in the Inverted version of Carian Study Hall, you're rewarded with the Lucidity sorcery.

Divine Tower Of Liurnia

The Divine Tower of Liurnia is not used for the Liurnia of the Lakes shardbearer, as Rennala's Great Rune is used for rebirthing instead of a personal buff. The tower is instead used to continue Ranni The Witch's questline. Before accessing the tower, though, you will face another mini-boss. A Godskin Noble. You can equip your horse here, giving you the option to run past the Godskin entirely if you would like. Defeating the Godskin Noble rewards you with the Godskin Noble armor set.

At the top of the tower, you can find the Cursemark of Death, for Ranni's quest, and the Stargazer Heirloom Talisman.

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