Elden Ring: All Memory Stone Locations

Memory Stones in Elden Ring are basically upgrades for mages and Faith builds alike. When you find a Memory Stone, you automatically get another slot to equip more sorceries or incantations. You start off only being able to equip up to two spells. There are up to eight Memory Stones you can find in the game, not including the talismans that will grant even more memory slots.

Memory Stones do not need to be manually equipped. They automatically upgrade your pouch. More spells can be equipped by sitting at a Site of Grace and pressing the option, "Memorize Spells." Below is a quick guide on how to retrieve every single Memory Stone with ease. Five of them are found in special towers around the Lands Between, two are dropped from bosses, and the last one can be purchased.

7 Oridy's Rise – Weeping Peninsula Limgrave

  1. Across from the stairs, behind you
  2. Left of the stairs, in bushes
  3. Center of the pond

This is the first accessible Memory Stone tower in the game, being inside Limgrave the starting area. You have to travel to the Weeping Peninsula, a different section of Limgrave located South. The closest Site of Grace to the bridge that connects you to Weeping Peninsula from Limgrave is Agheel Lake South. The closest Site of Grace to Oridy's Rise is Beside The Crater-Pocked Glade.

There is a pack of wolves at the entrance to Oridy's Rise. After taking care of them, you must interact with the imp statue holding a book by the stairs. This will let you know you must "Seek three wise beasts." Three wise beast means spectral versions of turtles. Directly behind you, across from the stairs to the tower will be the first turtle clear as day. The next two are more difficult to find.

The second turtle will be directly to the left of the stairs, inside the bushes. The third ghost turtle is actually invisible. There is a small pond to the right side of Oridy's Rise. The third beast is sitting directly in the center of the pond, so you must attack the air. This will open the seal to the tower.

6 Converted Tower – Liurnia of The Lakes

  1. Climb up the right rubble
  2. Jump onto roof

The next accessible tower is in Liurnia Of The Lakes. It's in South-West Liurnia. The closest Site of Grace is Folly On The Lake. At first glance, it seems like this tower cannot be accessed like the others. There are no three beasts, or even seemingly a way to get to the top. You actually have to climb up the tower from the rubble to the right. Climb up and jump onto the roof, then to the once inaccessible stairs.

5 Lenne's Rise – Caelid

  1. Use spirit jump to land on roof
  2. Drop down into balcony

Caelid is a hard place to traverse through. If you've already teleported to Beast Sanctum or Dragonsborrow for some rune farming, you can easily get to Lenne's Rise. You'll notice that the usual imp statue at the stairs is broken.

The only way to get inside Lenne's Rise is by using the spirit jump to the right of the tower and access a balcony. When in the air, land on the right, lower rooftop. From there, get off Torrent and carefully drop off the side of the roof where the spirit jump is. You'll enter the balcony. From here, walk up the stairs to get the memory stone.

4 Tetsu's Rise – Liurnia Of The Lakes

  1. South, below the cliffs
  2. In a tree behind the tower
  3. Behind the tower to the West

This is the more complicated memory stone tower. Once again, you have to find spectral turtles around the tower to unlock the magical seal. The first wise beast can be found by heading directly South. Jump onto the formation of rocks and look down. There should be a bunch of messages from other players near the edge of the rocks if you're playing online. Below the cliff is the turtle. Either ranged attack it or find a safe way down to it.

Starting from facing the imp statue and sealed door, the next turtle can be found directly behind the tower, in a tree. You can see what tree needs to be hit in the series of photos above. The third and final beast is directly West of the one in the tree.

3 Seluvis's Rise – Liurnia Of The Lakes

The memory stone found within Seluvis's Rise takes no effort to retrieve. You only have to climb up the ladder behind Seluvis and find the treasure chest at the top. Seluvis's Rise can be found behind Caria Manor and can only be accessed after completing the dungeon and defeating Royal Knight Loretta.

Seluvis' Rise will be sealed off until you speak with and start Ranni's side quest. Ranni is found in the next tower, Ranni's Rise.

With that, you'll have completed every memory stone tower in Elden Ring.

2 Bosses That Drop Memory Stones

  1. Red Wolf of Radagon inside the Debate Parlor in Raya Lucaria Academy
  2. Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir

Aside from the magical towers, you can find two more Memory Stones by defeating some bosses. One of the bosses that drops a Memory Stone is the Red Wolf of Radagon, found within the Raya Lucaria Academy. The Second boss that drops a Memory Stone is the Demi-Human Queen Maggie, found in Mt Gelmir at the end of Hermit Village.

The way to enter Raya Lucaria Academy is pretty straight forward after you find the Glintstone Key. Getting to Hermit Village is a trickier one. Once you find yourself within Mt Gelmir, you'll have to make a trip to find Hermit Village. This involves heading North from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace in Atlus Plateau. Run past the Tibia Mariner and into the mountains. You'll want to follow the general volcanic path until you find a fort ahead of the Site of Grace Seethewater Terminus. Head left, past the fort and keep going forward. You'll find Hermit Village at the end of your journey.

1 Twin Maiden Husks

Your last memory slot upgrade can easily be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundhold Table. That's the creepy, two-headed lady that you can purchase multiple trinkets from on the left side of the building. Her Memory Stone sells for 3,000 runes and is a one time purchase.

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