El Paso, Elsewhere Brings Back Slow Motion Noir Shooters With Reveal Trailer

The first round of Guerilla Collective’s E3 showcase was packed with new indie titles, including one from Strange Scaffold that looks like PS2-era Max Payne goodness. El Paso, Elsewhere is a slow-motion, noir shooter combining vampires, werewolves, and love.

If you’re unfamiliar with indie developer Strange Scaffold, they’re the team behind the adorably bizarre Dog Airport Game that just launched at the end of last month. The team is also working on Space Warlord Organ Trader, which should follow up with a launch sometime this year.

As for El Paso, Elsewhere, Strange Scaffold bills it as a “supernatural neo-noir third-person shooter.” It’s set in, you guessed it, El Paso, Texas, but perhaps the more surprising element is that you’ll be blazing your way through a 46 story motel – and it’s all underground. El Paso, Elsewhere sports its own, original hip-hop soundtrack with a fully voiced campaign. You can get a taste of both in its announcement trailer, revealed earlier by Guerilla Collective.

In an interview with NME, creator Xalavier Nelson Jr. also explained how this Max Payne throwback touches on love, seeking to portray relationships we don’t often see in media. In El Paso, Elsewhere, you’ll have to confront your former vampire lover, Lord Draculae, and deal with the consequences of that relationship.

Ultimately, in El Paso, Elsewhere, you’ll climb floor by floor to save victims from your former lover. Enemies include really neat werewolf dudes, fallen angels, and other creatures – all with slow motion, reality-bending moments. There’s no solid date for El Paso, Elsewhere just yet, but it’s set for some time in 2022.

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