Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Normal Mode Vs. Simple Mode

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There are two ways in which you can play Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. One is the default format, called Normal Mode, which is the way intended to go through this game if you want a difficult journey.

On the other hand, there’s an easier mode accurately named Simple Mode. This one is more oriented to casual players that prefer to experience the story with as few obstacles as possible. There are a few differences between these two playstyles but don’t worry, we’ll go over each one in this guide.

What Is Normal Mode?

As already mentioned, Normal Mode is the setting you will have already pre-selected when starting Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising for the first time. In this mode, you’ll experience the combat tools in a more complex and complete way.

For example, as you go on unlocking the rest of the cast for your party, you’ll have one button associated with each one of them. To swap characters and perform attacks with them, you have to press their designated button.

The other two members of your party will be Garoo and Isha, which you will unlock by completing specific main quests.

This is especially important when doing Link Attacks. This is a special gameplay mechanic that lets you chain attacks in a unique way while changing characters on the fly. In Normal Mode, you’ll have to press that character’s button at the right time.

To know more about Link Attacks, please visit our guide.

What Is Simple Mode?

If you prefer to have a more calm and easy way of playing this title, don’t worry. That’s the reason Simple Mode is here. Using this mode, you can make progress in your missions mostly using two buttons: attack and jump. The game will swap between your characters automatically, without the need to press an additional button.

Naturally, Link Attacks are affected by this format. They become much easier to make because you’ll automatically do them by pressing only one button. There’s still a window in which you need to hit the button, but it’ll become easier because you don’t need to think of anything else.

You’ll still have a button assigned to every character, and you can manually swap between them using that button. However, you’ll use the same button to attack with everyone.

Which Mode Should You Choose?

This is an easy and straightforward answer: whichever mode you want. If you are having issues with a specific dungeon or enemy, selecting the Simple Mode will greatly reduce how difficult it is. While it might seem that there aren’t that many changes between modes, the ones present are key ones, reducing the skill and precision needed to go on in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

If you, on the contrary, want the journey to be as hard as possible, Normal Mode is the way to go. However, the best part about the existence of two options is that you can actually change between them as many times as you want — and it takes only a few seconds.

To change modes, you need to pause the game, go to the setting and options menu and select the game mode. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the town or inside a dungeon: You can change this whenever you want and the adjustment will be automatic.

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