Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Unlock The Trading Post

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The Trading Post is the only place in which you can exchange some resources and materials for other ones in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This building will be managed by Hogan, the first character you meet in the game — the one assaulted by bandtis outside New Nevaeh.

However, you’ll need to progress many hours before being able to build the Trading Post with Hogan. Let’s go over when exactly you can unlock this building, what you can do with it, and how to level it up.

How To Build The Trading Post

During Main Quest 7: Catch That Girl!, you can complete quite a few secondary quests before going to find Mellore in the Quarry. New shops can be built from those missions.

For example, you can find Hogan on Second Street, right next to Rene’s Pawnshop. He’ll give you the Shop Quest Go Get My Treasure Chest! and he’ll task you to find his chest in the Great Forest.

To complete his quest, first go to the entrance of the Great Forest. You can decide to do the complete path or skip areas by using fast travel. If you want to go right to the point, get to the Cave Signpost.

From there, go to the right side, not below. Keep going in that direction until you get outside. You’ll find the chest before a plant enemy, containing Hogan’s Treasure.

While doing this Shop Quest, you can also complete Navia’s Resident Quest, which requires you to give her an Ebony Pelt. This item can be obtained by defeating Hellhound. You can check our guide for this boss here.

Get back to town and chat with Hogan again. He’ll give you a stamp and open the Trading Post.

The Trading Post Items

If you’re having trouble farming a specific resource or you prefer to trade what you already have for another material, the Trading Post is the place to go. Plus, it’s the only building that will give you rewards for accumulating stamps.

Below you can find a table with all the starting items that you can trade. The basic items will be repeated because they can be traded for two different materials.

Item Name Use Resource Needed
Lumber Crafting Item
  • 2 Stone
  • 100 baqua
Lumber Crafting Item
  • 2 Ore
  • 100 baqua
Stone Crafting Item
  • 2 Lumber
  • 100 baqua
Stone Crafting Item
  • 2 Ore
  • 100 baqua
Ore Crafting Item
  • 2 Lumber
  • 100 baqua
Ore Crafting Item
  • 2 Stone
  • 100 baqua
Ore x5 Crafting Item 10 Stamps
Sylvan Crystal x3 Crafting Item 20 Stamps
Meat x5 Crafting Item 30 Stamps
Bronze Ore x5 Crafting Item 40 Stamps
Small Pelt x5 Crafting Item 50 Stamps
Strawberry x10 Crafting Item 60 Stamps
Choice Meat x5 Crafting Item 70 Stamps
Lithic Crystal x3 Crafting Item 80 Stamps
Exquisite Meal x3 Crafting Item 90 Stamps
Lightning Magic Vestige x3 Crafting Item 100 Stamps
Niveous Crystal x2 Crafting Item 110 Stamps
Molten Crystal x2 Crafting Item 120 Stamps
Golem Plate Crafting Item 130 Stamps
Impossible Luck Increases the item drop rate when defeating enemies to 100% 140 Stamps
Critical Mastery Makes all attacks critical hits. 150 Stamps
Eternal Bonds Allows unlimited Link Attacks. 160 Stamps

How To Level Up The Trading Post

This shop can be upgraded a couple of times. You just need to check on Hogan from time to time after completing other missions, waiting for him to have a new Shop Quest.

For example, the first one will happen while you’re progressing through Main Quest 11: On the Other Side… Hogan will give you the quest Have You Seen Sarita?

To complete this one, you just need to go to Outlander Lane and speak with Sarita, the Tavern lady. After doing that, return to Hogan and speak with him. He’ll upgrade the Trading Post to Level 2.

This new version of the place will add new resources that can be traded, such as Lightweight Lumber, Heavy Stone, and Ogre Horn, among others.

Note: You can keep upgrading the Trading Post.

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