Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Unlock The Inn

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The Inn is the second building you will repair in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. It’ll happen almost at the same time as the Tavern reconstruction since both places share the same main quest. Fortunately, a mission that appears early in the game.

This building will allow you to have some pretty unique bonuses that no other location or item will give you. Their effect doesn’t last forever, but you can make them last for quite a while. So, let’s check what we have to do to unlock the Inn.

How To Build The Inn

While trying to help Sarita rebuild the Tavern, you’ll have to also help the NPC Rajiv with his Inn reconstruction. This will happen during Main Quest 4: The Cost of Good Manners. After speaking with Sarita on Outlander Lane, go all the way to the right of the area. Here will be Rajiv, waiting for some help.

He’ll ask you to get a Heavy Stone in the Great Forest. Fast travel to the entrance of the location and then decide if you want to use the Signpost and fast travel to the Great Tree Glade region or the cave one.

You can also don’t use fast travel and take the time to earn EXP points and resources from the enemies around.

If you choose the first point, go to the left. If you choose the cave Signpost, advance to the right, killing every creature in your way. The Heavy Stone will be on the ground, shining in purple light, around some flying enemies — on the left will be an ogre with the Lightweight Lumber you need for Sarita.

Once you have both resources, get back to Rajiv and give him the Heavy Stone. You’ll unlock the Inn and its unique baths system.

The Inn Items

The Inn has a selection of special waters that give you a passive effect. You can’t have more than one buff activated at the same time, and it will go off when you rest at your Base.

Here’s a table with every initial water you can use at the Inn.

Water Name Effect Cost
Empowering Waters Lv. 1 Attack Power +5% 200 baqua
Safeguarding Waters Lv. 1 Defense Power +5% 200 baqua
Nurturing Waters Lv. 1 EXP Gained +5% 200 baqua
Lucky Waters Lv. 1 Luck +5% 200 baqua

How To Level Up The Inn

These rejuvenating waters can be leveled up as you progress through the story. When you reach the Main Quest 13, the Shop Quest Expanding the Inn will be available at Raji’s. He’ll tell you that he wants to have extra rooms in the place because it’s always packed with too many people.

To expand the Inn, Rajiv will ask you to bring 10 Stones from the Great Forest. These are easily obtainable by breaking rocks inside the cave region. Once you have the amount, return to the NPC and he’ll upgrade the Inn.

Now you’ll have the same waters as before but with a variant that gives a seven percent bonus and costs 400 baqua.

Future quests can keep upgrading the Inn.

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