Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Defeat Hellhound

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Hellhound is a mini-boss in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This is a big wolf located in an area of the Great Forest that you will visit while trying to complete a quest from Frida, the owner of the Armor Shop.

Although this is arguably a smaller battle than the one you had with Hollow Plant, you still can have a harsh time dealing with this big and ferocious puppy. That’s why we have created this guide on how to defeat Hellhound for you.

Hellhound Overview

You’ll meet Hellhound for the first time while trying to build the Armor Shop. The NPC Frida will give you a Shop Quest, which will be also part of your Main Quest 6: Trouble in the Quarry.

To reach this big wolf, you’ll need to visit the Great Forest. Fast travel to the Cave Signpost and then descend on the hole on your left. You need to keep going down until you reach ground level. Then, move all the way to the right, beating creatures, until you find a new area.

Check your Stowpack and fill it with potions before going into the Great Forest.

Inside this area, you’ll find a new Signpost and a chest containing a Critical Balm Lv. 1. Continue in the same direction, defeat a slime, and the Hellhound will enter the area.

How To Defeat Hellhound

If we are calling Hellhound a mini-boss it’s because it has much more health and damage than a regular enemy, but it also lacks the main mechanic of a complete boss — that being the shield gauge system. This means you will directly damage the wolf’s health every time you attack it.

Regarding its moves, the Hellhound only has two attacks: a charge stamped in which it moves to one of the two sides or a jumping attack that ends with a claw move to the floor. The former can be avoided by jumping over the character, while the latter hit is easier to avoid by running to the left or right.

Both attacks can also be tricked by using CJ’s Quick Step, though it can be hard to find the correct timing and you will receive damage if you touch the creature — even if it’s not attacking you.

Simply escape from its claws as many times as possible and attack whenever you see an opening. If you’re having too many problems, you can always pause the game, open your Stowpack, and consume a healing potion.

Don’t forget to use your Link Attacks, which you can chain twice and deal lots of damage!

How To Get An Ebony Pelt

As it happens with Hollow Plant, you’ll be able to visit and fight Hellhound as many times as you want. In fact, you’ll be asked to defeat it again quite soon to collect an Ebony Pelt for an NPC (Resident Quest Fetch Me Some Furs!).

During the same main quest in which you fought the wolf originally, you’ll unlock a Resident Quest from Navia, a woman that is near Shiva (the clock tower old man) at the Plaza. She’ll tell you she wants to create warm clothes, so she’s looking for beast pelts. That’s why Navia will ask for an Ebony Pelt.

After accepting the quest, go back to the exact same spot where the Hellhound was before. It’ll be here again and with the same level and attacks. Defeat it and it will drop the desired item.

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