Egglia Rebirth: Guide To Niebel Egg Placements

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  • How To Unlock Every Link Field
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One of the main mechanics in Egglia Rebirth is the ability to rebuild the world of Egglia around you. This is done through the Niebel Eggs that your residents and friends will give you. At first, placing Eggs doesn't seem to do much. However, as you unlock and place more Niebel Eggs, you may encounter special Link Fields.

Link Fields are secret bonus stages that only unlock when two specific areas are placed next to each other. They offer a higher concentration of resources, and are faster to complete than normal stages. Let's take a look at how to get each Link Field, and the best Niebel Egg placements to maximize your Link Field appearances.

How To Unlock Every Link Field

As mentioned above, Link Fields are created when two areas are placed next to each other. Some areas, like the Sela Swamp, can have multiple Link Field connections. Listed below are the combinations you can use for every Link Field to appear.

Stage 1 Stage 2
The Willowwacks Sela Swamp
The Willowwacks Forest of Fungi
Sela Swamp The Floating Gardens
Sela Swamp Deslore Sands
Sela Swamp Waylost Woods
Elysian Meadows Desolare Sands
The Floating Gardens The Rusla
The Floating Gardens Bamboo Grove
Hailstone Caves Ludiferous Labyrinth
Himmel Peaks Coral Coast
The Rusla Ludiferous Labyrinth
Quazo Forest Patisserie Palace
Quazo Forest Waylost Woods

Keep in mind that if you are moving your areas around, you'll need more Eggshells. It costs ten Eggshells to move an area to any empty tile, and 20 Eggshells to swap an area with another.

Tips For Optimizing Link Field Areas

With so many Link Fields available, it can be tricky to place them to get the most bang for your buck. Here are a few tips for configuring your Niebel Eggs to get the most out of your Link Fields.

  • Place Sela Swamp in the middle of The Willowwacks, Waylost Woods, Floating Gardens, and Desolare Sands.
    • Sela Swamp has the most connections of any area, and should be prioritized first when opening Link Fields.
  • Place Floating Gardens in the middle of Sela Swamp, Bamboo Grove, and The Rusla.
  • Place Luciferous Labyrinth between The Rusla and Hailstone Caverns.
    • Having The Rusla and Hailstone Caverns on either side of Luciferous Labyrinth will create two Link Fields that offer great resources.
    • Place Quazo Forest between Waylost Woods and Patisserie Palace.
      • Similar to the Fields above, this combination will offer two Link Fields with a variety of important resources.
      • This doesn't cover every available Link Field, but it's enough to get you started. Remember to farm up some Eggshells if you need to move around your areas a lot.

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