Edge Of Eternity: Complete Crafting Guide

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A good, old-fashioned JRPG is incomplete without a weapon crafting system. Luckily, Edge of Eternity has a straightforward yet challenging crafting process that will keep you grinding for every last alloy.

However, if you're expecting to forge your weapons from a pause menu UI and call it a day, think again! Edge of Eternity's crafting system is site-specific, which means you'll spend just as much time looking for crafting stations as you will materials. Luckily, we have all the details to get you crafting in no time!

How To Get Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are easy to come by in Edge of Eternity. Some materials, like Itching Wineberry, can get harvested while roaming the environment. In these cases, if a material can get harvested, it will glow and emanate triangle symbols. You can harvest items in your environment by either interacting with them or slashing them with your sword. Usually, these kinds of materials are vegetal or mineral.

Like Orokko tails or Crocta fangs, materials from beasts are dropped from enemies after you defeat them in battle. Therefore, when you need specific beast materials, it's helpful to target beasts from which these materials originate. For instance, if you are short chitin for your new weapon recipe, you need to hunt Cancer Arbiters. If you're ever unsure, you can look up what materials each beast drops in the bestiary.

Another way you can gain materials is through bonus missions. For example, fulfilling a battle objective can potentially reward a crafting material. Furthermore, hunting board quests often offer materials as rewards.

Lastly, you can recycle consumable items, armor, and weapons in exchange for core materials. This method is suitable for when you're having difficulty getting a specific drop or don't have the time to grind for a material. However, a lot of recycling is up to chance. Therefore, it's best to recycle your inventory in moderation. You can easily sacrifice half of your inventory in pursuit of one measly material if you're not careful.

How To Get Crafting Recipes

Crafting recipes are not as straightforward to come by. Recipes primarily get stored in treasure chests, which means you'll need to do a lot of exploring. Therefore, it's helpful to scan each new area you travel through thoroughly. Less rare items usually sit in treasure chests out in the open. However, treasure chests containing rare items require more work, which means you'll need to check those out-of-sight nooks and crannies for them.

Some of the best items, including recipes, lie in treasure chests at the end of tactical puzzles. For example, remember the magical bridges you needed to complete in the Crelk Forest? Those are the kind of puzzles we mean.

While we're discussing treasure chests, you can earn one of your first achievements, Treasure Hunter, by opening twenty-five treasure chests. Furthermore, you can earn another easy achievement, Puzzle Enthusiast, by solving four puzzles. Considering you have to solve two while traveling through the Crelk Forest, you're likely already halfway there!

Make New Weapons With Crafting Stations

So, you got a new recipe and a bunch of materials at your disposal, now what? Unfortunately, you cannot craft wherever you like in Edge of Eternity. To craft a new weapon, you need to find a crafting table (If we could only see the look on Tom Nook's face right now, that smug little rodent).

These stations are primarily near inns and campfires. When you're first starting the game, one reliable weapon crafting table you can always teleport to is the one near the Crelk Forest Center save point. You'll notice it near a campfire and surrounding tents.

Once you approach a crafting table, interact to open the crafting menu. Here is where you'll see the weapons you have recipes for so far. This interface has a tree structure mapped into different categories depending on the weapon type. Weapons on the tree are connected based on the foundational weapons used to craft them.

When you highlight your desired weapon, a side hub will show all the weapon's stats and the materials required to make it. Furthermore, you'll see how many of the required materials you have in your inventory and what you are missing. Once you meet all the prerequisites, hold down the crafting button to smith your new creation!

You should always have one extra weapon in your inventory! That's because the crafting table will not allow you to craft from a base weapon that your character is already equipping. Therefore, it's worth holding on to a weaker weapon as a spare to equip while you're crafting.

Crafting Battle Items At Crafting Tables

It's essential to note that different crafting tables craft different things. For instance, the crafting table in the Crelk Forest makes weapons. Yet, the crafting table in Inel makes battle items, like Orokko traps. In turn, the fundamentals applied to weapon crafting also pertain to item crafting. Furthermore, you'll encounter item crafting before you even start crafting weapons. Luckily, crafting items is more straightforward than with weapons since you won't need to follow the treemap interface present in weapon crafting menus.

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