Eclipse: Edge Of Light Hits PSVR, PC VR Next Week

One of the first big VR releases of 2020 is nearly here. Eclipse: Edge of Light should hit PC VR and PSVR headsets very soon.

The Steam page for the former Daydream exclusive states the game is coming on January 14th. Whatsmore, the PlayStation Blog’s weekly release list also claims the game’s coming to PSVR next week. These lists can occasionally get it wrong but we confirmed that Eclipse was coming to these platforms in January during our Holiday VR Showcase last year. There’s a good bet it’s going to happen, then.

Eclipse is a discovery-driven first-person adventure. You crash land on an alien planet and set about exploring the remains of an ancient civilization.

We loved the tone the game set, its sporadic approach to storytelling and the intuitive control scheme. In our initial review we called it easily Daydream’s best game.

“White Elk took a lot of risks with the game’s design that pay off in spades, from the smart use of Daydream’s controller to giving players full control over their movement,” we wrote. “The result is a memorable sci-fi adventure that kept me fully engaged from start to finish, and left me feeling like I’d really explored an alien world. This isn’t just the best game on Daydream, but one of the best mobile VR games full stop.”

Plus we’re looking forward to finally playing Eclipse with full positional tracking; you could move your head around in Daydream’s Mirage Solo headset, but your hands were locked in place with 3DOF motion controls.

As for the Quest release? That’s due a little later on in the year, but it’s absolutely still in the works.

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