EA server status: Origin DOWN, Apex Legends, Battlefield, Madden fans unable to connect

EA servers are down, which means gaming fans the world over are unable to login to titles like Apex Legends, Battlefield and Madden NFL.

The EA server status doesn’t make for good reading right now, as independent website Down Detector receives thousands of reports that Electronic Arts’ games are offline.

The outage tracker monitors social mentions around certain topics to detect when services go down across the world.

The Down Detector outage map shows that the Electronic Arts issues are mainly affecting users in the UK and Europe.

More than 7,000 reports have been logged for EA as a whole, while individual games like Apex Legends, Battlefield and Madden NFL have also received their fair share of reports.

Likewise, the EA Origin service also appears to be offline, which is bad news for PC owners.

It’s unclear what’s causing the offline server issues, although EA has at least acknowledged the problem.

“We are aware of connectivity problems with our games,” reads an EA tweet. “We’ll keep you up to date on progress here. Thanks for your reports.”

Speaking of Twitter, fans have been venting their frustrations about the ongoing issues.

“@EAHelp you need to fix connection to ea servers for Fifa 20 the game only been out a week it’s it’s down already I think a free pack on fut for having this trouble I been trying for 30 mins now and still not luck,” reads one tweet.

Another fan writes: “Nice to know I pay £80.00 for a game and come home from work to find out the servers are down. Sort it out EA absolute joke.”

One or two unlucky fans have even been disconnected during crucial games of FIFA and the likes.

“Drawing 1-1 on FUT and in the 92nd minute my David Silva was through on goal, then I got disconnected because EA servers are down,” the post reads.

“This is the reason why people develop anger issues.”

“Just wanted to play some @PlayApex before work tonight but I can’t login at all,” reads another tweet. “Tried everything to reset it. Are the @EA servers down?”

“The one time I’m wanting to play apex EA servers have to be down. OFC.”

In a follow-up post, EA would admit that even its own helpline is having problems.

“We’re also aware of some problems with logging into Thanks for your patience while we work on these.”

More to follow…

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