EA Calls Potential Call Of Duty Xbox Exclusivity A "Tremendous Opportunity" For Battlefield

As Xbox attempts to close its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, its war of words with PlayStation continues to get more heated. Meanwhile, EA's CEO has shared his thoughts, admitting the deal going through and Call of Duty potentially becoming an Xbox exclusive would actually be a good thing. For EA, at least.

Andrew Wilson said during a Goldman Sachs event via Stephen Totilo (thanks, VGC) that the potential of Call of Duty becoming a console exclusive is great news for Battlefield. “In a world where there may be questions over the future of Call of Duty and what platforms that might be on or might not be on, being platform agnostic and completely cross-platform with Battlefield, I think is a tremendous opportunity,” Wilson said.

The CEO's comments come amid an increasingly uncomfortable back and forth between PlayStation's Jim Ryan and Xbox's Phil Spencer. It began with comments from Sony stating its fear over Call of Duty becoming an Xbox exclusive, admitting that building a contender to the series would likely be impossible. Spencer clarified Xbox has no plans to make any Activision Blizzard games exclusives should the acquisition happen.

Ryan then labeled the Call of Duty offer Xbox has supposedly made “inadequate”. That comes off the back of the belief Xbox will be obligated to launch Call of Duty games on PlayStation for at least three more years. Spencer reiterated that there is no intent to make Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive, questioning how taking the game away from PlayStation would benefit the series' potential new owners.

While it might come as a surprise that anyone in the industry wants the acquisition to go through outside of the parties involved, EA clearly foresees a gap in the market if Call of Duty is taken away from PlayStation. A much-needed opportunity to take its own first-person shooter series to the next level after the missteps that have come with Battlefield 2042.

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