Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires: Family And Inheritance Guide

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There is a very robust character creation system in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires that lets you create your own officers from scratch. You can pick their appearance, voice, and even the clothes and armor they wear. Your choices even dictate their favorite weapon and their stat spread.

It is also possible to have the game generate its own custom officers based on your actions during a scenario. If you let your character get married during a scenario and then lead them to victory, the game will produce a child for the couple that you can add to your custom officer roster. Let’s look at how that works.

The first time you get married, you will unlock the Till Death Do Us Part achievement. The first time you complete a conquest and have a child, you will unlock the The Next Generation achievement.

How To Get Married

The first thing you’ll need to have a baby is to find a spouse. To do this, you will need to find an officer of the opposite sex and raise your relationship with them to S Rank. This will require a relationship score of 100.

When talking to a Sage during a Stroll you may get the option to ask him to introduce you to a potential spouse. This will pick a random officer of the opposite sex and give you a small relationship bonus with them and is not a reliable way to find someone to marry.

There are a few things you can do to raise your relationship quickly:

  • Interact with your chosen officer every time you go for a Stroll.
  • If they are in your army (and they should be), take them into battle with you as often as you can.
  • If you are the leader of a battle (if you’re a Ruler or a General, for example) and your chosen partner-to-be proposes a Secret Plan, choose theirs.

Once you’ve hit S Rank with your partner-to-be, the game will remind you that you can get married. It is possible to wait until the character pops the question themselves during a Stroll, but it’s much easier to just Confess to them yourself.

How To Have A Child

It is not possible for a couple to have a child in the middle of a scenario. In fact, a child will only be generated by the game at the end of the scenario – you will be treated to a lovely scene of the happy couple right after the birth of their child.

The game will then bring you to a screen showing the grown-up form of the child. At this point, you can edit them much like you would any other custom officers. There are, however, some things that you cannot change:

  • The officer’s Weapon Proficiencies are sourced from their parents and will not change, even if you change what their Favorite Weapon is.
  • The officer’s gender can be changed only during the initial customization screen at the end of a scenario. Once you have saved them, you cannot change their gender when editing them later on.
  • The officer’s Ability Type is locked in and generated upon birth. This will dictate the officer’s starting stats. Ability Type is randomly generated upon birth and can include Ability Types that cannot be chosen for your own custom officers.

Everything else can be customized, down to their clothing and appearance.

A table of the possible Ability Types and their starting stats is presented below.

Ability Type Health Attack Defense Speed Bow Skill
Normal 275 275 255 150 250
Powerful 275 290 240 150 250
Defensive 275 260 270 150 250
Swift 260 275 255 165 275
Heavy 290 275 155 130 250
Adept 290 290 270 165 275
Iron Wall 275 275 285 150 250

More Ability Types will be added as they are discovered.

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