Dynamaxing Has Already Been Banned In Pokémon Sword & Shield Competitive Play

The Smogon community has banned the use of Dynamaxing in most of its competitive formats, due to the belief among its members that the mechanic is unbalanced and doesn’t require any skill in order to gain a significant advantage.

The Pokémon Company International hosts official tournaments around the world, while the Smogon community is a fan society that uses its own unofficial rules and formats. Smogon has its own tier lists for Pokémon that determine the formats in which they can be used and these are defined by members of the community over the course of each game’s lifespan.

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Dynamaxing can be done with any Pokémon at any time (unless it has already been used in the battle), it gives them a significant stat boost, and increases their HP. The Max moves generally have powerful secondary effects and can be used three times in a row before the Dynamax effect ends, allowing a player to keep up their momentum with a string of powerful attacks. The positives outweigh the negatives and the fact that the mechanic isn’t tied to any single Pokémon means that the threat of Dynamaxing is always present, unlike Mega Evolutions. Dynamaxing takes away part of the planning and skill that is key to the competitive Pokémon battling scene, which is something that Smogon wants to preserve with the ban.

Pokémon Sword & Shield removed both Mega Evolutions and Z Moves from the series, along with half of the Pokédex. It seemed as if Dynamaxing was going to be a more balanced version of Mega Evolutions, due to the limited number of turns in which it was active and the fact that it wasn’t restricted to a small pool of Pokémon. The power of Dynamaxing has made Pokémon battles too unpredictable for one corner of the community and the giant Pokémon will have to remain on the bench in most of their online tournaments.

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