Dying Light 2: How To Get The Cyber Hands 2177

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Dying Light 2 takes place in the city of Villedor, one of the last bastions of humanity on this game. This place is bustling with quests, challenges, and areas to explore, so running out of things to do is not in the cards.

But exploring every nook and cranny in the city is not an easy (or quick) feat; It could take you around 500 hours to do so. But don't worry, if you're looking for the best hidden objects in the game, we've got you covered. This guide has everything you need to know to find one of the coolest weapons in Dying Light 2, the Cyber Hands 2177.

How To Find The Cyber Hands 2177

You first need to get to the top of the VNC Tower located in the Garrison sector. While it is possible to get there before completing "Broadcast" (one of the game's main quests), it'll be 100 percent easier to wait until after you've completed this mission to get to the top of the tower. Why? Because after completing Broadcast, you'll be able to go inside the building and use the elevator to get to the different floors.

You have two options to get inside the VNC Tower.

  1. Option one is to find the building's main entrance (the same one you used during the Broadcast main quest), jump on the GRE trailers outside, and use the height to jump inside the building's fence. Then, enter the building and go to the right to get to the elevators.
  2. Option two is to get inside through the Peacekeepers' outpost. To get to the outpost, look for the giant red metal structure on the sides of the building and then use the winches nearby to go up. Then enter the building and find the elevators.

Whatever you decide to do, once you're on the top of the tower, use your Binoculars to find Airdrop THB-UT0 (it'll be on top of a building's rooftop located to the south of the tower). The building it's easy to identify because it has antennas on the roof.

Use the Paraglider to get there and, since you are already on the rooftop, open the GRE crate to get some loot and Military Tech.

After opening the crate, jump to the ventilation unit and use the Paraglider to glide to the rooftop of the building that says Office Plaza on it.

Meeting The Liquidator

There you will find a hooded figure next to a fireplace. This character is just known as the Liquidator and will greet Aiden as if the two of them were old friends. The Liquidator will tell Aiden that he can do incredible stuff, similar to Kyle crane. A dialogue wheel will open, and you'll be able to tell him the following:

What's Happening Options What'll Happen?
The Liquidator will talk to Aiden about Kyle Crane. What do you know about Kyle Crane? If you choose this option, the Liquidator will talk about Crane and how he almost saved Harran. He'll also say that it's thanks to him that Aiden and the Liquidator are talking right now.
What have you heard about me? What have you heard about me? If you choose this option, the Liquidator will tell Aiden that he's heard quite a lot since every action he takes impacts the people around him.

The conversation will continue, and The Liquidator will then ask Aiden if he ever heard of the butterfly effect.

What's Happening Options What'll Happen?
Do you know about the butterfly effect? Yes If you choose this option, Aiden will explain he is a Pilgrim, and there's not much he hasn't heard of. The Liquidator will then proceed to explain what the butterfly effect is anyway
No If you choose this option, the Liquidator will briefly explain the butterfly effect.
You'll only be able to choose one of these options.

After that conversation, another dialogue wheel will appear, and you can ask him the following:

What's Happening Options What'll Happen?
Aiden wants to know more about the Liquidator How did you get in here? If you choose this option, the two of them will talk briefly about the Nightrunners. Afterward, the Liquidator will tell Aiden that he came to Villedor from the LDPD and that he is looking for a fugitive, just like Max Walker did from the TEC.
Who are you? If you choose this option, the Liquidator will share that that's his code name and that he is from the B-613 region.

After the conversation is over, the Liquidator will disappear, but if you look to the left, you'll see a supply box on the ground. Open it, and inside the box, you'll find the Blueprint for the Cyber Hands 2177, a pair of knuckledusters.

These knuckledusters are a direct reference to the Mantis Blades from CyberPunk 2077. This is confirmed in the weapon's description, "We've seen these somewhere." A nice touch considering Techland (the developer behind Dying Light) and CD Projekt (the developer behind Cyberpunk 2077) are both Polish companies.

Cyber Hands 2177 Stats

Unlike most of the weapons in the game, the Cyber Hands 2177 are craftable, meaning you can make new ones once the durability goes down. Each pair of blades will cost you 364 pieces of Scrap.

To use these knuckledusters, you'll have to equip them in the weapons inventory; They deal 50 slashing damage and have a durability of 40.

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