DwarfHeim’s Friend Pass Allows You To Invite Friends Who Don’t Own The Game

Pineleaf Studios has dropped the third content update of the DwarfHeim Early Access Roadmap. Along with various balances, improvements and game modes, the biggest feature of this update is Friend Pass.

DwarfHeim’s Friend Pass allows the owner of the game to invite and play with friends who don’t own the game. “Friend-Pass is a major addition to DwarfHeim that the development team is incredibly proud of. It shines a light on the co-operative gameplay, a key pillar for Pineleaf, and gives supporters an easy way to share the fun around,” say the patch notes.

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If you don’t own the game, you can download DwarfHeim Friend Pass on Steam for free and input the code given to you by your friend who owns it. Along with the Friend Pass feature, the developers have also included the following in this update:

  • Custom Games – Enables the players to play 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, in non-matchmade environments.
  • New Basic Tutorial – New tutorial that acts as a smoother introduction, as well as a prequel to our story mode campaign coming later in our EA road map
  • Improved Keybindings – In addition to a new slider for edge movement, players can choose between Traditional and Modern keybindings for the modern and classic RTS players
  • Unit Type Effects – A big game balance that takes unit types into account, requiring more strategizing from our players. IE – An Arbalist will now deal increased damage to a Berserker, which is a fast unit, while the Berserker will deal more damage towards a Shieldbearer which is an armored unit and so on.

Additionally, the devs have worked on the global chat feature, tweaked AI, improved pathfinding, added a new build menu, updated the mini-maps, and gifted us some Christmas decorations.

Announced during this year’s PC Gaming Show, DwarfHeim features gameplay for 1-4 players at a time. Players will need to think ahead in their layouts while expanding strategically, gathering and refining scarce resources, and building up an army, all while enhancing their forces to be as strong as they can be. The game is currently in Early Access, with the Friend Pass patch being the third major update in the roadmap.

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