Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Vandak, Second Encounter

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Your first scrap with Vandak went questionably. You may have won the mechanical battle, but you lost the cutscene-related war. Your revenge is at hand, however. Vandak is back, and it’s time for a rematch. This is not the first time Dusk Diver 2 has pulled this trick, but it is probably the most effective.

The reason? Vandal is a great boss fight. He is challenging, has a great moveset, and he can slap you around if you go in expecting more of the same. Vandak and his swanky cane deserve respect after all. Beat him and you only have one final hurdle to cross – so this is a big deal.

Vandak’s Attacks

Vandak has remained largely the same in the early fight. We felt like he was more aggressive in general, but his moveset is largely the same for most of this fight. Things change up once he triggers his Enraged state, however.

Attack Explanation Counter
4-Hit-Combat + Rapid Cane Stab Vandak does a 4-hit combo and then ends the combo with a rapid series of cane thrusts. Simple 4-hit combo that can be dodged with a side dodge. When Vandak goes for his thrusts, simply dodge to the side a second time to avoid damage.
4-Hit-Combo + Cane Upswing This attack is largely the same as above, however, it ends with a powerful upswing. The same method as above can be applied here. Dodge the combo with a side dash – a second side dash will avoid the upswing.
Staff Twirl Vandak twirls his staff around him repeatedly. This attack is one of Vandak’s most annoying. Whilst performing this attack, approaching Vandak is more-or-less impossible as he is surrounded by the cane’s hitbox. Wait for it to end, and then move in.
Block + Rapid Cane Stab Vandak conjures an energy shield and then counters attacks with rapid cane thrusts. Once you see the shield, dash away.
Aerial Dive Vandak leaps into the air and then crashes down, dealing damage on contact. When Vandak jumps into the air, dash to the side to avoid damage.
Aerial Bombardment Vandak summons five large spectral canes to fall from the sky directly on top of you. When you see this attack, keep moving and dodging. Do not try to attack Vandak whilst there are still canes falling.
Cane Stab Vandak twirls around and then stabs with his cane. Once you see the twirl, dodge to the side to avoid the large spectral cane that is thrust towards you.
Red Combo Vandak’s only red attack. Vandak flashes red and charges in a straight line swinging his cane repeatedly. Don’t try and counter this attack unless you are confident in your timing. Dodging to the side is good enough to avoid damage.
Summon Clones Vandak summons five clones of himself. These clones have less HP and Armour than Vandak and we believe they also do less damage. Vandak will only use this once enraged. This attack is a nightmare as these clones are semi-permanent. Until you kill them, they will persist and distract you from the real Vandak. Either kill them or find the real Vandak and finish the fight quickly.

Which Party Member To Use

We found that Viada was very effective in this fight. Because Vandak has a lot of attacks and combos – some of which share similar tells – Viada’s range advantage comes in handy. You simply have more time to react to Vandak’s attacks.

Yumo is another fantastic option thanks to her amazing damage and moveset. She is, as always, the party’s all-rounder and does a fantastic job. When Vandak summons in his clones, Bahet becomes very handy too, as his AOE scythe attacks can catch multiple opponents at once with ease – often letting you damage clones and Vandak himself.

Battle Strategy

The strategy when fighting Vandak is largely the same as before. In the early portions of the fight, aggression will serve you well as Vandak doesn’t have access to his full moveset (or clones…). Not only that, but Vandak can be interrupted – although he will eventually gain super armour and power through your attacks.

Once Vandak is reduced to about 40 percent HP, he will trigger his Enraged state. This will also summon his clones. You want to find the real Vandak and lay on the pressure. The sooner you kill Vandak, the better as you don’t want to be overwhelmed by his clones. Alternatively, you could focus on his clones and take them out first.

Having Burst is very helpful in this fight as it not only provides bonus stats, but once Vandak Enrages, you will have access to Duo Burst, Burst Ultimate, and Burst Ultimate EX attacks. All of these attacks are excellent at dealing with Vandak and, often, his clones at the same time. BP items can help maintain/build your BP to allow for even more Burst.

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