Dungeons & Dragons: The Best Feats For A Warlock

In Dungeons & Dragons, Warlocks are unique casters that allow for a lot of customization and options for different builds. It’s possible to make a warlock as a melee bruiser with a few game-changing spells, a hard-hitting sniper with powerful cantrips, or anywhere in between. Since there are so many potential ways to play a warlock, there are also plenty of feats that can synergize with any build you make.

For those who don’t know, feats are special abilities that can be taken in place of ability score improvements at certain levels. There’s no one best feat for a warlock, since there are so many different types of warlocks to play, but here are some good choices.

Let’s start with a good feat for any melee warlock build, especially those with the Hexblade Pact and/or the Pact of the Blade Pact Boon: Polearm Master. This feat allows players to make attacks as a bonus action with the non-business end of a glaive, halberd, or quarterstaff, as well as make opportunity attacks whenever enemies enter your melee range. As a melee warlock, you’ll want to be taking as many attacks as you can, so the extra bonus and opportunity attacks fit perfectly.

You’ll want to use a glaive or halberd for this feat, because both have the reach ability, meaning you basically have a 10 foot “do not enter” zone around you. Since both of these are heavy weapons, this feat can combo nicely with the Great Weapon Master feat, which will sometimes allow you to make a regular melee attack as a bonus action, as well as sacrifice some accuracy for extra damage when you want to.

Spell Sniper

On the other hand, maybe you want to do an Eldritch Blast build, focusing your Eldritch Invocations into improving your ubiquitous cantrip. In that case, Spell Sniper might be the feat for you. As the name suggests, the feat doubles the range of spells that require an attack roll, bringing your eldritch blast range up to an impressive 240 feet (or 600 feet with the right invocations). It also lets you ignore half and three-quarters cover, making you excellent at taking out hidden enemies from far away.

A free attack cantrip is a nice bonus, especially with the limited number of warlock spell slots.

Crossbow Expert

Now, as a Warlock with a handy long-range damaging cantrip at your fingertips, you likely won’t ever pick up a crossbow, but the Crossbow Expert feat can still be a good investment for an Eldritch Blast-focused warlock.

Spell Sniper is nice, but unfortunately not all enemies are considerate enough to stay exactly 600 feet away from you. Crossbow Expert means that you can attack enemies that are right in your face with Eldritch Blast without disadvantage, which is perfect if you chose a full range build. Just ignore all the crossbow stuff.

Elemental Adept

One of the most popular Warlock Pacts is The Fiend, which allows you to make a deal with a devil in exchange for a variety of fire-and-brimstone-related abilities. The main weakness to this Pact is that sometimes you come across an enemy that is resistant to fire, in which case you are out of luck.

Unless of course, you take the Elemental Adept feat. You will want to set it to fire damage, which will allow you not only ignore fire resistance, but also will help you flub your fire damage rolls less.

War Caster

This feat isn’t necessarily warlock-specific, since it beneficial to almost any spellcasting class, but they do have the advantage of being helpful in pretty much any warlock build. War Caster will help warlocks who like crowd control to maintain their concentrations, warlocks who like melee combat to cast while fully armed, and warlocks who like cantrips to use their wide variety of spells for opportunity attacks.

Plus, since warlocks have more limited spell slots than other casters, the ability to make concentration spells last as long as possible without breaking lets you get the most use out of your kit.

Other Considerations

Lucky is a feat that benefits literally everyone, and deserves a mention in any list of feats. A free reroll will almost always benefit someone in a tight spot.

Some race-specific feats can be useful. Flames of Phlegethos is a good feat for Tieflings who have a pact with The Fiend, since it lets you deal fire damage in an area to enemies that hit you with melee attacks whenever you cast a fire spell. It doesn’t stack well with Elemental Adept, since it lets you reroll 1s while Elemental Adept bumps them up to 2s, so you might want to pick one or the other. It does give +1 to Charisma, so if you need one extra to get your spellcasting bonus higher, it might be the better choice.

Elven Accuracy is another feat that gives a boost to Charisma, and is good for elves that already have the stats to make good warlocks, like Drow and half-elves. Since warlocks use Charisma to cast, it will give a reroll on any attacks that you already have advantage on, meaning it can be useful if you have a party that is good at setting up advantage for you.

Whichever feats you decide on, make sure that they fit how you want to play. There are a lot of ways to build a warlock, so make sure you have fun with it.

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