Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – The Main Cast And Their Character Classes

Considering how big Dungeons & Dragons has become, it's surprising it's taken us 22 years to get another movie after the 2000 flop. Regardless, our chance to get a better movie from the franchise is finally here, thanks to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The trailer shows us a delightful action adventure with some comedy in it, giving a feeling quite familiar with what you'd expect in an actual game table.

However, not many details about the main cast have surfaced. Who is who in this trailer? What are their classes? What should I expect from them? Well, other than the last question, let's find out.

7 Edgin, The Bard

In a very well-thought casting choice, the charismatic (pun intended) Chris Pine will be a bard named Edgin.

The trailer shows him as the main protagonist, and he'll likely be the leader of the group, the party planner, and possibly the party's face as well. He makes the decisions, and the improvisation necessary when his plans fail.

The trailer also shows that his character will be responsible for a lot of the humor from the movie, playing a bit on the silliness most players expect from bards on tables, as they are stereotypically known for.

6 Holga, The Barbarian

The one who seems to be a counterbalance to Edgin's humor is Holga, portrayed by the amazing Michelle Rodriguez. She acts more serious and with the attitude of someone who just wants to get the job done, which is fitting for barbarians.

She also shows herself to be quite a powerhouse, taking care of people by herself, which also merges beautifully with the class associated with her. After all, barbarians are usually the strongest class at first, while the other need a few levels to show the same level of competence in combat. It's safe to expect the most complex fighting scenes from her, and having a barbarian going on full rage mode in the cinema will certainly be a wonder to watch.

5 Xenk, The Paladin

The Smiting hero is here. Along with the brawn of a barbarian, we also have the brawn of a paladin within our midst. Played by Regé-Jean Page, mostly known for his work in the series Bridgerton.

His role in the movie is still rather unknown, apart from his character's class. His personality however is still a mystery, but big fight scenes can also be expected from him with a mix of physical combat and spells, considering the paladin's play style in D&D.

4 Simon, The Sorcerer

Played by the only actor that could give this role justice, Justice Smith will portray the one character so far with a relatively normal name: Simon.

The trailer didn't confirm what class he is, but it has been revealed that Simon is a sorcerer. He also appears in the trailer wearing a helmet that gives him a special ability, though it's hard to tell what item it is and what ability it gives Simon. Sadly, his character doesn't shine much in the trailer to give us more details, but hopefully, he'll shine bright throughout the movie.

It does seem like he is the more knowledgeable one when it comes to the world and lore, giving an insight on the Owlbear that appears during the trailer.

3 Doric, The Druid

Speaking of Owlbears, we have Sophia Lillis' Doric the druid, who can transform into one (even though that's not usually a thing druids can do in D&D). Representing the non-humans, Doric is said to be a Tiefling.

She is more prominent than most of the cast in the trailer, getting around the same screentime as Edgin and Holga, showing that she may be a bigger character plot-wise as well. She also demonstrates wonderful wild shape skills, not only with the aforementioned Owlbear, but also from turning from a horse, to an Owlbear, and back to her normal self in quick succession.

Another detail the trailer shows is that she's not familiar with Edgin, which implies she met the group recently and their first encounter might happen during the movie. Having a new member allows her to ask the rest of the party about their past as a form of audience surrogate.

2 Forge Fitzwilliam, The Rogue

Hugh Grant blesses us with his presence in this film as a rogue. And you know that when a rogue manages to reach old age, that means the guy is excellent at what he does.

His full role in the movie is rather unclear, but it is rumored that he will either be the main, or at least a supporting, villain. He also seems to hold a place of power in Neverwinter, though only time will tell how big of a position he has.

Whether he's a baddie or not, we can expect Forge to be fun to watch considering the casting choice.

1 Bonus: Dralas, The Red Wizard Of Thay

More of an NPC if this was a game table, Dralas is also a mysterious villain that appears in the trailer, portrayed by Jason Wong. Though the character also seems to be original to the movie, there are a few interesting details that come with him.

An important point here is that he, along with many others in the trailer, wears the robes of the Red Wizards of Thay, who are a powerful group who typically fill the role of villains in D&D campaigns. Their goal to bring the undead into the Forgotten Realms, ruled over by a dangerous Lich for leader, Szass Tam.

It's also curious that the red wizards already have an established name within the D&D lore who shares the same name: Ethra Dralas. However, despite the name, the trailer shows no indication of her. Whether this Dralas and Ethra are related, or this is a new take on the character has yet to be seen, but there are too many reasons to suggest this is is no coincidence at all.

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